The Power of a Mission—why it is so important to see Bill, Stephen, Randy and Al

In a world where the promises are considerably overstated at every turn it is hard to believe in a genuine cause, in genuine people and a genuine company. We hope and then are let down because the promise of something grand and something beautiful never happens.

“Once in a lifetime opportunities” are fueled by people’s hopes and dreams of a better life-a life that is more fulfilled and free from so many stresses that imprison us. Wouldn’t it be nice if our “once in a lifetime opportunity” would come someday and be real? It is too much to hope for and that is why I believe people settle for so little so often in their lives.

It is too much to hope (again) and then be disappointed (again). It is too much to dream (again) and have those dreams never come to fruition because someone hyped up the promise that would never be able to deliver.

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Where are the Avengers when you need them?

Our nation is in a national crisis. I am not talking about the economic crisis as almost everyone in the country is fully aware of our abysmal economic climate. I am not talking about the moral climate where cheating and dishonesty are commonly practiced, where sexual perversion is the norm and where the concern for all human life and the protection of the innocent are disregarded simply for the convenience and selfishness of others who have more power. I am not talking about our mentality that allows people to think they deserve a house and a paycheck and food and drink and a car simply because they live here. I am not talking about the perverted view that everyone should be on an economically level plain. I’m not talking about the ignorance of our nation’s history in terms of moral and economic development. I am not talking about our climate where personal responsibility is shunned and gaining status and power and money off of the backs of others is celebrated. I am not talking about the fact that we no longer as a nation acknowledge a God who is involved and concerned in this world. continue reading…

National Soup Day–First Saturday in November

If you have never heard of National Soup Day then you are not alone. There apparently is a National Soup Month and also an International Soup Day that was put on October 1st 2011. But National Soup Day is much different than these things.

The International Soup Day involved feeding the homeless and other such things. I think that is great but this is not what National Soup Day is about. National Soup Month in January is an extension of a day that started as National Soup Swap Day. The day kept changing on people so they decided to make it National Soup Swap Month. From there it seemed to morph into National Soup Month.

Soup is very much an international food and so everyone can rally around such a great food. The only speaking creature that I am aware of that doesn’t much care for soup is the creature Gollum. When Sam makes soup from the “coneys” that Gollum hunts and kills it disgusts Gollum. He doesn’t want any part of it.

Therefore, Gollum is not invited to participate in National Soup Day as his proper appreciation levels for soup are severely lacking. continue reading…

The World is Changing–Important Aspects of the upcoming election

With one week before the Presidential Election in the U.S. I have some important things that I need to share. These things may cause you to think twice about the decisions you make in the next week. (I apologize ahead of time if this isn’t completely coherent in its flow but I am in a hurry and wanted to get it up. If I find the time I may rework it a bit but I think you will get what I am trying to convey easily enough…it is that important). continue reading…

The Truth as I see It Part 3

I had a very interesting experience recently. In as much as my intention was to talk about religion in this section I need to circle back around and put some feet to what I talked about in part 2 of this series.


My primary message in part 2 was that we mistakenly give the mysteries of the universe in relation to energy a personality by the language we use. We spiritualize a portion of the physical realm that we don’t fully understand and comprehend.


The practical outworking of this belief system is that people remain selfish in their core beings. The reason for this is that it takes a truly spiritual connection with the person of God to truly change us. I know there will be plenty to argue that point but in the real down and dirty world of the everyday practical lives it shows over and over again in people’s lives.


Most people’s behavior can be modified by their belief system as long as stress levels do not rise too high. When those levels of tension and stress and uncertainty rise however, the selfish tendencies do begin to show themselves. These show up differently in different individuals but at a basic level this selfishness begins to assert itself in trying to control situations and other people or attempting to hide away and separate from others. continue reading…

Simple Health Tip 2—Predictable and Sustainable Energy

In our modern day world that is so full of things to occupy our minds and attentions it is a common malady to be tired much of the time.

Most people end up drugging themselves with caffeine or a caffeine-like substance on a daily basis. Although caffeine has been shown to be a healthy part of an individual’s routine, it is only true in extremely moderate amounts. I love coffee but I will typically either make it all decaffeinated or 2/3 decaffeinated. I have found that this is enough to get the health benefits such as helping to ward off various cancers but not too much to stress my nervous system and adrenal glands.

Believe it or not, your adrenal glands will tire with too much work. You can do a search for adrenal exhaustion (or adrenal fatigue) and you will find that tiredness and fatigue are at the top of the list of symptoms. An overload of caffeine drives your adrenal glands and contributes to adrenal exhaustion in my opinion (I will share with you one day how caffeine has actually saved my life on a few occasions so I am not down on it. It just needs to be consumed smartly) if done on a daily basis.

I actually know people who have caffeine multiple times/day and rely on it for their energy boosts. The energy drink industry is massive. It is a sure indicator that people are needing more energy throughout their very full days.

I have a couple of ideas to help people:  continue reading…

Will our short-sightedness destroy us?

The US economy almost seems like a beacon of hope in a troubled world at the moment. However, anyone who has looked at it carefully knows that the inevitable (nearly inevitable anyhow) is coming. When we propped up our economy in 2008 and 2009 we began the process of prolonging and intensifying the probable meltdown.

We continue doing the same thing to this day. Europe seems to be crumbling as well as their currency at the moment which seems to make the US and the dollar a fine place to find rest and peace. I don’t see it lasting though and I believe that for every month and year that we prolong our need for a serious correction the harder and deeper and more substantial that correction will be.

At some point our correction will turn into our destruction if we don’t get serious about getting serious. Peter Schiff, Euro Pacific Capital President, simply concludes “we end up with more rope to hang ourselves.” continue reading…

My Thankful Heart

I thought I would post another poem I wrote during a Thanksgiving season one year or another. I don’t really remember when. I hope you enjoy it… continue reading…

Aspirin—Bad to Take Even for Heart Disease Prevention



I have been telling people for years that taking aspirin does not seem to be a smart choice. I was saying it long before the big kick to take aspirin as a preventative measure. I continued to say it while “they” (“they” are US health officials) were telling people to do so because it would supposedly help stave off heart attacks. And…I still today continue to think it is simply a “bad” idea.


An article came across Reuters yesterday talking about how researchers at St. George’s University of London, headed up by Dr. Kausik Ray, scoured through nine previous aspirin trials to take a fresh look at this issue for people without previous symptoms of heart issues.


Their conclusion? In short…the risk for internal bleeding is very great where the possible benefits are very slight. Dr. Ray simply says “I don’t recommend aspirin.” continue reading…

Uncertain Economic Future—There may be some answers

How much do the experts know?


I spend a fair amount of time reading about the current nature of the world’s economy and it strikes me as almost humorous that it doesn’t appear as if any of the “experts” really know what is happening or what is coming.


It is in these times that I am grateful to not be one of those “experts” on the economy. The fact is it is much easier for me to admit that the times and signs are very confusing and therefore I am able to say that I really don’t know what is coming around the corner in terms of economic sustainability on a global basis.


As an example of the schizophrenic nature of the experts at the moment here are 2 articles that came to my attention today…both from the same source within the same email. I actually appreciate that fact more than anything else. This gives the feel that the organization isn’t trying to pretend that they know anymore than anyone else but are willing to present many perspectives of the same ideas. continue reading…