A Basic Eating and Activity Plan

I developed this plan for a friend of mine who is embarking on a journey to get healthy. It is simple and basic just as the title states. However…it may just be what you need to get you heading in a different direction. I hope it is helpful to you…I can certainly fill in the blanks and gaps as well if you need it. I will charge you a bit to do so (I have been a natural health consultant for many, many years now and worked with hundreds and hundreds of people…so I have tons and tons of experience and expertise).


Consulting is not my primary business any longer but I am always happy to help people out. Regardless of any of that…I hope that this practical information may help one or two people look at changing the way they live their lives. It is not intended to carry any sort of guarantees with it and I don’t promise any results whatsoever (for all of you legal folks) but it is just a common sense approach to eating based upon my experience over the past 20+ years.


There are certainly a lot of details that can be included but one of the things I have found over the years is that if people can become empowered a bit…they don’t need all of the details…they simply need some guidance to be able to head in the direction they are wanting to go.


One last thing…this may not be for everyone. There are certain people with thyroid issues and/or blood sugar issues (or any of a host of other things) that need to do specific things for themselves. But, overall, this is a simple way to just focus in on getting good whole foods in a way that your body will utilize them effectively.


Let me know what you think at the end in the comments…thanks!

Basic Plan

Breakfast 1—

Fruit Salad with a splash of lemon juice

(best—variety of berries, fresh or frozen is okay…otherwise at least a variety of 3-4 different fruits of any kind…for flavor add some orange or grapefruit)


Breakfast 2— (2 hours later)

Fruit Salad…same as above or 2 pieces of any fruit


*make sure you have a banana or two during 1st or 2nd breakfast and  only 1 or 2 servings of melons. Don’t have melons both times. No  more than the equivalent of 3 pieces of fruit at any sitting.



Lunch— (2-3 hours later)

Mixed Green Salad*, brown rice, amaranth or quinoa or high quality grain• (about 1/2 cup or so), 1 steamed or raw cruciferous vegetable if not included in the salad (can be carrots, celery, broccoli, cabbage)


*no iceberg lettuce…use mixed greens (spring greens if possible)… may use tomatoes and cruciferous veggies on salad…just make sure to keep a good amount of greens as the main salad…you can use lemon juice, extra virgin olive oil and bragg’s aminos or a very high quality sea salt on your salad


•on a limited basis you can add a slice of high quality whole grain bread instead of the grain



Dinner— (4 hours later)

Same idea with the veggies as lunch (salad etc…), 1 piece of chicken, turkey, fish, high quality beef (4-6 oz). Make sure to have no more than 1x/week of turkey and 2x/week of beef.


Make sure dinner is not eaten after 6:30 as much as is possible…



Variations— (on occcasion)

It is okay to skip the meat and just duplicate the concept of lunch from time to time.


It is okay 1x/week to have eggs (2), whole grain toast or potatoes and a piece or two of a breakfast meat…keep the portions small with these.

On this day…skip the fruit as they will not mix well for your body. Also wait at least 5-6 hours before eating lunch.


A few times/week you can add a small amount of raw nuts or seeds to your salad at lunch or dinner.


You can also use Raw Apple Cider Vinegar along with or in place of the lemon juice.


Eat Avocados a few times/week if possible.


Eat a side of asparagus once or twice a week if possible.


Add in Daily—

Make sure to have extra virgin olive every day (not more than 2 tablespoons). Have 1 tablespoon of raw honey every day. Have 2 Food Enzymes (NSP) with each meal and 2 Probiotics 11 or Bifidophilus (can trade off) everyday.




We’ll keep this very simple for now.


Monday— (Very Hard)

You need to figure out a way to exhaust yourself aerobically… to the point of not being able to go any further without injuring yourself. (this may only take 5-10 minutes in the beginning—being outside is best if possible).


Ideas: Walk for 5 minutes and build up to a slow jog to warm up. Then do intervals of running or walking up stairs or up hills as hard as  you can 5 or 6 times up while using the the way back to the starting point as a rest period walking moderately. The intervals running should be about 30 yards or so all out…it is important to only do this if you know you won’t injure yourself and the uphill work should be long enough to exhaust you each time. You will have to do some research and/or experimentation with yourself. You can also set up a step up that you can use (this can be quite boring though). If you can find an activity that you really enjoy it will be best. We may need to talk on the phone to talk about this more.


Tuesday— (Very Hard)

Start out with doing lunges…(as many as you are able). Do this for 5 times with no more than 30 seconds rest in between. Then do push-ups in the same manner. (make sure your form is good).


Wednesday— (moderate)

Same as Monday but cut back by 10-15%


Thursday— (moderate)

Same as  Tuesday but cut back by 10-15%.


Friday— (easy)

Same as Wednesday but cut back by 10-15%


Saturday— (easy)

Same as Wednesday but cut back by 10-15%



Notes on activity:

Wednesday and Thursday you will still be tired from Monday and Tuesday so you need to gauge your effort accordingly. You will feel tired overall but you need to learn to stop before the point of exhaustion. So…if you did the hills on Monday 6 times at a certain distance…do it 5 times at 10-15% less distance going up the hill. You do want to be tired but not to the point of exhaustion…(hopefully that makes sense).


Friday and Saturday is primarily active rest…so it should feel fairly easy to do. Do the same activities but cut back to a point where you are not crossing the line into being tired.


I don’t know what you can and can’t do right now…so starting out may be much less than I am talking about. Think about increasing whatever you do on Monday’s and Tuesdays by 5%/week and then you gauge the rest of your week off of these two days each week.


As time goes on…we’ll have to modify what you are doing.


Keep a diary/log of how you feel and what you do each day for eating and activity.

Of course…let me know of any questions you may have now or as you get started. Much of this will be some experimentation on your part to figure out (especially the aerobic portions) what you can and cannot do.