Aspirin—Bad to Take Even for Heart Disease Prevention



I have been telling people for years that taking aspirin does not seem to be a smart choice. I was saying it long before the big kick to take aspirin as a preventative measure. I continued to say it while “they” (“they” are US health officials) were telling people to do so because it would supposedly help stave off heart attacks. And…I still today continue to think it is simply a “bad” idea.


An article came across Reuters yesterday talking about how researchers at St. George’s University of London, headed up by Dr. Kausik Ray, scoured through nine previous aspirin trials to take a fresh look at this issue for people without previous symptoms of heart issues.


Their conclusion? In short…the risk for internal bleeding is very great where the possible benefits are very slight. Dr. Ray simply says “I don’t recommend aspirin.”


My take? I think there is even another reason not to take aspirin. Quite simply it is horribly toxic. We used to do a simple demonstration at our seminars with aspirin. We would take a basic generic aspirin and put in into a tablespoon. Then we would heat it up with a light or something similar. Eventually the aspirin starts smoking horribly and ends up a black tarry substance.


My conclusion is simple. If aspirin is made up of tar, crude oil, or whatever, then your body actually has to deal with that somehow. Many medications have in the past been alleged to be synthesized from crude oil. I personally can’t back that up but I do know that aspirin when heated will turn into a substance that is strikingly similar.


Whatever the substance is, I am confident your body cannot deal with it properly or at least without a great deal more effort and energy than is probably good for you.


I believe the tarry substance is broken down only partially and gets caught in the internal workings of the body. This may create issues in blocking key internal pipes or simply putting the body under undo stress dealing with a foreign substance.


We put our bodies under more stress than they can handle already simply because of the environment that surrounds us. Do we really need to add to that with the food and medications we take? With the water we drink? With the internal air that we breathe? All of these things are largely within our ability to control.


Whether you believe the toxicity issue or not concerning aspirin should no longer be at issue. It seems to be fairly certain that the small amount of good that may come from taking aspirin as a preventative heart measure is far outweighed by the risks of internal bleeding that can severely harm you or even possibly kill you.


I still stand that taking aspirin ever is not smart because of the toxicity issue…but there is added on to that the internal bleeding issue…which makes it doubly or triply bad for the small daily use that US health officials recommend.


Please…take a very serious look at this issue before taking any more aspirin…especially as a preventative for heart disease…and especially if you are currently a healthy individual without any current symptoms of heart disease.


Here is a link to the Reuters article if you are interested:


Report Warns: Don’t Take Daily Aspirin For Heart



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  • Linda & PussiKatz

    Again, on target. I had a TIA in April 2012 and one of the 1st things they did in the ER was give me an asprin, the purpose of which was to thin the blood. However, when I left two days later, I was advised not to use asprin, not even take a baby asprin a day, which greatly pleased me as it’s been many years since I’ve taken an asprin because it plays havoc with my stomach and my Dr. advised me it is hard on the stomach. In addition, with the exception of stroke and heart attack indicents, people don’t usually think about it as being a blood thinner. If I have a TIA (mini-stroke) and am given one regular asprin (I think that’s 325 Mg) imagine what taking two asprins at a time does. All of my doctors have cautioned against the use of asprin.

    • admin

      I see how toxic aspirin really is and it simply scares me. I have a hard time imagining any time where it would be worth it to put so much toxicity in my body. I can’t think of enough positive attributes to overcome that one fact alone. Again, thanks for coming by and sharing your story with us.