The Power of a Mission—why it is so important to see Bill, Stephen, Randy and Al

Tweet In a world where the promises are considerably overstated at every turn it is hard to believe in a genuine cause, in genuine people and a genuine company. We hope and then are let down because the promise of something grand and something beautiful never happens. “Once in a lifetime opportunities” are fueled by […]

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Where are the Avengers when you need them?

Tweet Our nation is in a national crisis. I am not talking about the economic crisis as almost everyone in the country is fully aware of our abysmal economic climate. I am not talking about the moral climate where cheating and dishonesty are commonly practiced, where sexual perversion is the norm and where the concern […]

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Uncertain Economic Future—There may be some answers

Tweet How much do the experts know?   I spend a fair amount of time reading about the current nature of the world’s economy and it strikes me as almost humorous that it doesn’t appear as if any of the “experts” really know what is happening or what is coming.   It is in these […]

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