Family Health

Simple Health Tip 2—Predictable and Sustainable Energy

Tweet In our modern day world that is so full of things to occupy our minds and attentions it is a common malady to be tired much of the time. Most people end up drugging themselves with caffeine or a caffeine-like substance on a daily basis. Although caffeine has been shown to be a healthy […]

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Aspirin—Bad to Take Even for Heart Disease Prevention


Tweet Really?   I have been telling people for years that taking aspirin does not seem to be a smart choice. I was saying it long before the big kick to take aspirin as a preventative measure. I continued to say it while “they” (“they” are US health officials) were telling people to do so […]

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Uncertain Economic Future—There may be some answers

Tweet How much do the experts know?   I spend a fair amount of time reading about the current nature of the world’s economy and it strikes me as almost humorous that it doesn’t appear as if any of the “experts” really know what is happening or what is coming.   It is in these […]

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