Where are the Avengers when you need them?

Tweet Our nation is in a national crisis. I am not talking about the economic crisis as almost everyone in the country is fully aware of our abysmal economic climate. I am not talking about the moral climate where cheating and dishonesty are commonly practiced, where sexual perversion is the norm and where the concern […]

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The Truth as I see It Part 3


Tweet I had a very interesting experience recently. In as much as my intention was to talk about religion in this section I need to circle back around and put some feet to what I talked about in part 2 of this series.   My primary message in part 2 was that we mistakenly give […]

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My Thankful Heart

Tweet I thought I would post another poem I wrote during a Thanksgiving season one year or another. I don’t really remember when. I hope you enjoy it…

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The Truth as I see It Part 2

Tweet Let’s see…I left off Part 1 with…   The universe is…QUITE SIMPLY A COMBINATION OF MATTER AND ENERGY. More about that later…   It is certainly NOT GOD. But, when we treat it like God (purposely or not) it brings with it a whole host of unintended consequences.   As I said in the […]

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The Truth as I see It Part 1

Tweet Twenty years ago I taught a seminar on the “new age” movement. It was a fascinating topic to me as I saw many people in Los Angeles (where I lived at the time) embrace the theories that human evolution would bring about a “new age” for  humanity and the world.   Much of these […]

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Need a Title to Our New Podcast Please Help

Tweet About  a month ago I had one of those “AHA” moments that you get from time to time. I had been going through a significant period of evaluating my strengths, weaknesses, passions, desires and narrowing down exactly what it is I am desiring to accomplish through my time and energy spent online. It was […]

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