I guess you guys are lucky

We have heard this phrase so many times in regards to our family’s physical and emotional health I lost count many years ago.

Our latest experience…

We have had many people in and around our lives, friends and neighbors and extended family members, come down with some sort of bronchial/lung congestion that really puts them down for a time.

Some of these folks ended up with pneumonia but all had a chronic cough that hangs on for a number of weeks.

My son is dealing with this right now. In the last few days he has had to dial back his activities just a bit but he has not stopped living. He never developed an actual cough but has definitely had bronchial congestion for a few days. Here is the thing though…he is now in the residual stages after 3 days and is feeling much better. I wouldn’t be surprised to see the congestion dissipate within the next day or two and be completely better.

Everyone we know who has had a form of this has been laid out for a week or so and then it takes them another couple of weeks to get to the stage where my son is at after 3 days.

My son probably wouldn’t have even had to deal with it even to this extent had he not trained with his soccer team a couple of days ago. He never was really feeling bad the first day until after he over-exerted himself in training.

Anyhow…I just spoke with him and he is feeling good.

This is what we will hear however: “You are lucky you did not get what I had.”

I was thinking about this phrase yesterday and had to chuckle to myself. I have heard it so many times it is crazy. I wonder…how can we (my immediate family) be so lucky nearly every time some sort of “bug” is being spread around?

I coach soccer at many different age groups from young boys up to a couple of High School Teams. A good portion of the battle for me as a coach is dealing with the fact that on any given day we are missing people from illness or injury. It is a massive problem to navigate through.

Our High School Women’s team that had a roster of 17 only played with a full team 1 out of 15 games. The vast majority of games were played with 11-13 players and only about 7 or 8 of them feeling healthy at any given time.

Our young men’s competitive team was even worse. We had a roster of 22 and often played with 10 or 11 missing 5 to 7 players on any given day due to illness and injury.

We have 6 in our family that play at the moment (and 7 if you count my second youngest who always trains with his older brother’s team). In an entire year we may miss 4 or 5 training sessions (and never a game…maybe 1/year) due to illness and/or injury. That is all 7 of us.

We are fortunate for sure and are very thankful to God that we have avoided issues that we have not been able to take care of at home. But there are certainly reasons why “our luck” is so very consistent year after year.

There are reasons why our injuries heal 5-7 times quicker than anyone else we know. There are reasons why any illness that we may encounter typically only lasts a quarter of the time or less than everyone else around us.

I don’t believe it is because we are lucky…I believe it is because of the way we take care of ourselves.

There is no way we can be so “lucky” after 17 years of having children and having 7 of them all delivered at home and taken care of in the home.

We do things a certain way…and it works…consistently…day after day…week after week…month after month…and year after year.

I am going to be sharing some of our secrets in the coming days and weeks and months…one tip or trick at a time. I have never counted but I would guess there are many hundreds or even thousands of super simple ways to live a more productive life in the sense of having less down time due to physical illness or injury or emotional stress and/or depression or the like.

We live these things and our “luck” never seems to run out.

In closing…again I am grateful to God for how well we have been able to walk this journey out in our family…how healthy we truly are even under some extreme circumstances. I don’t want anyone to think that we have figured everything out. However, we certainly have been blessed with many simple answers to living a better and more productive life than anyone we know simply because we have hundreds if not thousands of solutions at our fingertips that we have been given or searched out or developed on our own.

I truly hope these help you and your family. I’ll be posting the first one shortly…