Keep Working at Your Game-an example from Dimitar Berbatov

Keep Working at Your Game-an example from Dimitar Berbatov



A bit more than a year ago when Manchester United sought out and brought Berbatov over from Tottenham I was very excited. They spent a great deal of money on him and I have always felt like he was a quality player.


As it turns out…he did not perform up to people’s expectations last year and there were a lot of very disappointed people. People were very harsh on him and questioned whether or not it was a mistake to bring him to the club.


I never wavered in my belief that he would be a tremendous asset to Manchester United and saw a great deal of it even last year when it appeared to many as a rather bleak time for him.


You see I saw something above and beyond the goals scored or not scored. I saw some real talent with the ball and whether or not he was scoring he always drew a great deal of attention from the defense. This, of course, allowed the offense to open up a bit when he was in.


And…I trust Sir Alex (the Manager at Manchester United) and his choices. I also listened carefully to him and he always publicly supported Berbatov all the way through the hard times.


Sir Alex used terms like “brilliant” when he talked about Berbatov…even in his off times.


I think there is a great many things to learn from this:


  1. Dimitar Berbatov continued to work hard even when things weren’t going the way he would have liked.
  2. His boss and colleagues continued to believe in him…even through the hard times.
  3. Because of the above 2 items…it helped Berbatov continue to believe in himself and continue working toward being a vital part of his team.



If you are in business or in sports or in a family life that is currently going through hard times…whether it is yourself or someone close to you…keep your belief in yourself or your colleague/partner high and learn how to find ways to encourage yourself and/or the other person involved.


Showing trust in another person is possibly the most powerful ingredient to their success. Berbatov’s manager and team trusted that he was not only giving it his all but that he was growing into what they needed.


The trust and encouragement that is shown to you or that you show to others will help them exceed their highest aspirations. People are much more apt to continue to give it their all even when things look bad.


Also…a positive environment is so much easier for growth than any other type of environment.


Here is a result from last Sunday’s game of what I am talking about:




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