Meeting Brandi Chastain

Today was a great day for me as I was able to go along with my friend Patrick McIntosh to Santa Clara University. Patrick  had set up an interview with Brandi Chastain. I was fortunate enough to join him and work the cameras and also speak with her for a few minutes myself.

If you are not aware of who Brandi Chastain is she is best known for scoring the final penalty kick in the 1999 World Cup for the Women’s US National Soccer Team to beat China in the Finals. You can read all about the excitement afterwards and the rest of her career by simply searching for her name on Google.

However, we were privileged to meet her and be able to learn about many of her more recent activities where she is working on helping to empower girls to be everything that they can be through her charity organization ReachuP.

We also talked about her career and her current thoughts on Soccer. She has some tremendous insights into the sport and it was great to listen as she shared nuggets of wisdom throughout our time with her. She is still amazingly passionate about the sport and her excitement really comes through in the interview.

I will share pieces of the interview here and there but in order to see the whole thing (not sure if it will be posted all at once or in parts) you will need to go to

Also…visit her site where you can find out all of the many things she is up to. She is active in many areas of the sport of soccer and beyond. In all of her many activities it seems it is truly her heart’s desire to help give young ladies a helping hand of empowerment to help them follow their dreams as she was able to follow her own.

I hope you will visit her sight and consider joining her in her worthy endeavors and efforts. I also want to thank Brandi for her time that she chose to spend with us.

I was able to come away with an autographed jersey as well. My daughter has had a US National Team Jersey with Brandi’s name and number on it for a number of years and today we were able to get Brandi’s autograph on it. A big thanks for that as well.