My Thankful Heart

I thought I would post another poem I wrote during a Thanksgiving season one year or another. I don’t really remember when. I hope you enjoy it…


My Thankful Heart…

as i ponder on this thankful day

i wonder if all may come what may

to know the one true God is ever so

the one thing best…of this i know

tis turkey, sauce, potatoes mashed

gravy, pie and more is cached

within my gut expanded more than not

and i care?…not a second thought

no…family…children and my spouse

life and joy…our not so big house

some pets & cars…gas in the tank

these are those for which i thank

almighty God…His loving gift

to save me from the chasms rift

his Son and He in agreement do

rescue me and rescue you

through broken heart…amazing love

my life becomes…hand in a glove

where He does move and work His life

in and through our inbuilt strife

and beauty He does leave in me

not unlike a beauteous blooming tree

i’m grateful for these many things you see

for…He draws me daily through eternity

to dwell and live and laugh and shine

within the triune God divine

I rest and become one with Him

I laugh & sing with cherubim

for this you see is where I’m free

it is where I’m meant to be

embraced by Love in Father’s care

what joy to live forever there