National Soup Day–First Saturday in November

If you have never heard of National Soup Day then you are not alone. There apparently is a National Soup Month and also an International Soup Day that was put on October 1st 2011. But National Soup Day is much different than these things.

The International Soup Day involved feeding the homeless and other such things. I think that is great but this is not what National Soup Day is about. National Soup Month in January is an extension of a day that started as National Soup Swap Day. The day kept changing on people so they decided to make it National Soup Swap Month. From there it seemed to morph into National Soup Month.

Soup is very much an international food and so everyone can rally around such a great food. The only speaking creature that I am aware of that doesn’t much care for soup is the creature Gollum. When Sam makes soup from the “coneys” that Gollum hunts and kills it disgusts Gollum. He doesn’t want any part of it.

Therefore, Gollum is not invited to participate in National Soup Day as his proper appreciation levels for soup are severely lacking. Instead we will celebrate with those who are like-minded in their sheer enjoyment of soup.

In general soup is best enjoyed in the colder months but I want to liberate you from any hard and fast rule concerning when you are allowed to enjoy your soup. Go ahead and enjoy it any time. However, there is something special about the first Saturday in November. It is a preparatory period for winter, for Thanksgiving, for Christmas and for “hunkering down” when the time actually changes and it turns dark for an extended period of time every day.

Soup Day is also a time to celebrate the fact that we have survived Halloween as a nation. You may love Halloween but I think it is a dreadful concept. Anyhow…it matters not in the end but I happen to enjoy celebrating the passing once again of October 31st.

Whatever your reasons for enjoying Soup Day make sure you join us in commemorating and enjoying this beautiful food on the first Saturday of November every year.

I would like to take Credit for Soup Day but I have to give credit where credit is due to my friend Daniel. I am the inventor of National Soup Day (I added the National to expand the scope of our wonderful holiday) but Daniel is the inventor of Soup Day that is happening tomorrow.

We are in prep mode today for Soup Day tomorrow. I must say the house smells stunning at the moment and my salivary glands are activating. We thus far have shown great composure in our abstaining from enjoying our Soup Day early. Hopefully we’ll make it all the way through the night.

I would share with you our soup recipes but then I would have to kill you so I will simply share with you some photos that I just took of National Soup Day preparations. We invite you to take part in National Soup Day with us. And if you don’t want to…bah humbug to you too pal!

Being a Carnivore is sometimes necessary to fulfill some primal urges within the human soul!

No…we are not going to keep this huge hunk of meet in the soup pot without  cutting it up and adding other wonderful things but thus far everything is looking and smelling beautiful.

A highly secretive recipe. We can only show you the pot and tempt you through the glass in the lid but no more!