The Truth as I see It Part 2

Let’s see…I left off Part 1 with…


The universe is…QUITE SIMPLY A COMBINATION OF MATTER AND ENERGY. More about that later…


It is certainly NOT GOD. But, when we treat it like God (purposely or not) it brings with it a whole host of unintended consequences.


As I said in the first part…if we confer upon the universe a personality then we are essentially giving it (notice the use of “it”…a term that denotes an object and not a person), in all practical respects, the position of God or at least a god. continue reading…

The State of Our Money and US Economy

A couple of facts as we know them:


1. The US Dept. of the Treasury Bureau of Engraving and Printing states it has printed $239,648,000,000 in the fiscal year 2010.


They claim they printed about 974 million/day. This means that they took about 10 days off per month…which corresponds to normal holidays and weekends throughout the year.


They further claim that 95% of this money is replacement money…which would mean that there is only a 5% increase in the actual money supply.


This is a true increase in the money supply by 12 billion dollars (according to the treasury dept. numbers and info.).


2. Ben Bernanke admitted to creating 1.3 trillion dollars to purchase mortgage backed securities (not in exactly the same time frame but close enough for our purposes)



If the treasury printed just under 240 billion (with only a 12 billion dollar increase) but the feds created 1.3 trillion how do we account for the difference of $1,288,000,000,000?


So…if we can believe the government’s numbers…nearly all of the 1.3 trillion dollars are not in circulation as bills but they are a part of the system. How does this work? continue reading…

The Truth as I see It Part 1

Twenty years ago I taught a seminar on the “new age” movement. It was a fascinating topic to me as I saw many people in Los Angeles (where I lived at the time) embrace the theories that human evolution would bring about a “new age” for  humanity and the world.


Much of these theories revolved around the idea that the human brain has almost an unlimited capacity to connect with the universe and create almost any reality it wants. continue reading…

Where is God?

Where is God?

There are probably as many answers to this question as there are religious constructs and possibly even people out there.

Is there a more important question in life? I don’t think so. I simply want to open up a conversation about this.

I received a message from a young man who is wondering how to find meaning in a life where his belief in God has been largely left in the past.

I believe…truly there is no real meaning without understanding your own answer to this question. For unless you are honest with yourself about this one issue I don’t think you can truly begin to engage in a process in which you are even able to open up your eyes to the deeper and truer and more glorious possibilities of your life.

I have found answers that have enabled me to truly connect with God in a meaningful way. I know I am not alone but I also know I am in the minority in this world.

Many people I talk with and share life together who know plenty of answers but are still wondering in the backs of their minds what it truly means to “know God.” continue reading…

High School Soccer-Number 1 ranked Jesuit versus number 6 ranked Granite Bay

What would you think a soccer game would be like with two of the best High School Soccer teams in the nation playing under the lights on a warm Sacramento evening?


Yes…the excitement factor was high and the energy was really quite remarkable. Jesuit was poised and excited with a large and very loud cheering section. Jesuit is an all boys private school that draws quite a bit of attention in the sport of soccer. They have consistently been one of the highest ranked teams in the nation for a number of years.


Thus, they draw some very good players from all over the area. I’ve even heard of people moving from out of state but those are rumors and I can’t substantiate them.


Granite Bay, on the other hand, is a public school on the outskirts of Sacramento. The area tends to be on the pricier side of life so most of the students tend to come from families with money enough to open doors that are simply not available to most children growing up.


In Sacramento, when you are talking about soccer, this means a great deal. Club Soccer (Youth Soccer) in Sacramento is big. In fact some say it is the largest per capita soccer area in the country. There are areas with better soccer as a rule but not for the size of the place.


For instance, Southern California has a number of powerhouse club teams that are highly competitive in the nation but they have 20 times the population of the Sacramento area. The San Francisco Bay area has a number of highly competitive clubs as well but they are a good 6-7 times the size of Sacramento.


The point is that Sacramento (for its size) is a soccer Mecca in the United States. It is no wonder that they consistently provide the High School Soccer Scene with a collection of some of the best teams in the nation.


Going to see Jesuit and Granite Bay play on a Friday evening therefore was an exciting event. However, in the back of my mind I wondered truly what the quality of soccer would be like.


If you read my post on the US national team after their loss to Mexico in the Gold Cup earlier this year, you would understand my doubt as to whether or not we were actually going to see a good soccer game or just a modified version of the game of kick ball with bigger, stronger and faster athletes.


The good news is I wasn’t disappointed. What I expected to be true indeed was true…at least for Jesuit. The Jesuit players were big and strong and they kicked the heck out of the ball. However, I don’t believe they ever strung even 4 passes together in a row. It was quite the disappointment for the number 1 ranked team in the nation.


But…on the other side Granite Bay played a superb style and game of soccer. In my opinion, they outplayed Jesuit in every facet of the game except set plays. The Jesuit boys were highly skilled and disciplined when it came to set plays and reckless and sloppy when it came to the actual game.


Granite Bay was beautiful in their game but because they were much smaller they had a more difficult time competing with Jesuit’s set plays. The driving force behind Granite Bay’s super fast paced passing game is a group of three brothers. We just refer to them as the Thompson brothers in these parts.


The Thompson brothers, Tyler, Tanner and Tommy are remarkable players. They are highly skilled and play a skilled passing game of soccer at a speed that turned Jesuit in circles.


Of course Granite Bay has a number of very skilled players who play at a very high pace but the Thompson brothers are the ones that standout in your mind.


In the end Jesuit won the game 3-2 on some very questionable calls from the center referee. I have a mind to go on a rant and explain (actually it would be complaining) all of the seemingly biased calls to aid Jesuit in their win but I am going to abstain.


Jesuit scored on a corner kick that was poorly defended but the score is to be applauded as it was a very good finish. Padraic McCullaugh scored on the set play from the corner on a nice half volley. They also scored on two Penalty Kicks. McCullaugh again scored for Jesuit from the PK mark as well as Steven Wright.


The PK calls were questionable in my opinion as well as a number of no calls going the other direction in the other Penalty box. But…I won’t talk about those.


On the Granite Bay side, Will Harkin scored a header from a free kick (one place where Granite Bay found Jesuit scrambling with poor defending on a set play). The other was scored by a brilliant left footed shot from Tyler Thompson about 20-25 yards out on the right side of the field.


All in all, it is my opinion that Granite Bay completely outplayed Jesuit. I went into the game hoping to see good soccer all the way around. I had no team to root for as I have no real connections with either school.


However, as the game progressed, it quickly became apparent that Granite Bay was the much better team. Their play was like a beautiful dance on the field. They moved and passed the ball in a seemingly choreographed manner that was really nice to watch. Jesuit, in many ways, could not keep up with this type of game.


I ended up rooting for Granite Bay because I would much rather see good soccer from a losing team then big and strong kickball from a winning team.


The problem with US soccer is seen in this seemingly innocuous Friday night game  between two high schools.


I don’t believe Jesuit earned the victory. I believe it was handed to them by referees that very much seemed to lean in the one direction. (I didn’t even tell you about the Granite Bay goal that was called back). Anyhow…I am sad that Jesuit will go on to remain as the number 1 ranked team in the nation when they hardly even play good soccer.


The problem is Jesuit’s style of play reflects what our society believes is good soccer. We will never get out of our Soccer inadequacies as a nation with this kind of attitude.


This past Friday night could have served as a pivot point. With good, fair and solid refereeing, Granite Bay wins the game and is rewarded for their brilliant style of play with a higher national ranking. Then people would start to see that playing good soccer actually does pay off in the end as it does in the rest of the world.


Our style of soccer (Jesuit’s style) is an abysmal failure when played on the world’s stage versus teams who play a much more fluid and possession style of game (Granite Bay’s style of soccer).


One of my goals as a coach is to turn the tide of what we consider good soccer. It takes discipline and patience but I believe that in the end we just might be able to show people that the beautiful game, when played in a beautiful manner, is a far superior game then the US style of kick ball that was on display from the number 1 ranked team in the nation.


Will Jesuit continue to win? Absolutely they will. They play a faster and better game of kick ball then anyone else. Will they come across another team like Granite Bay this year that will actually play quality soccer? I don’t know…but if they do I hope the referees stay out of the way and truly allow the better team to win the game.

Double Double means 4 times the pay and no this is not In and Out Burger

I don’t talk about these things that much because I never want to come across being pushy or even ever wanting my friends to think that any business is more important than our relationships.

However, I am truly blown away by one of the Network Marketing Companies that we work with. Their servers went down today (last day of the month) and it caused some annoyance for a number of people.

To make up for it Univera decided to give double bonus points tomorrow (September 1, 2011) and to count it towards August points. However…the really fascinating thing is that they are paying double the bonuses (money) for the month of August. So…anything done tomorrow pays quadruple.

I have never seen anything like this before. Have you? On top of this…I have the support of a team that has made it abundantly clear that they love my family so very much that they will do ANYTHING to see that they are taken care of for their entire lives. They have backed this up with their actions and I couldn’t be more thrilled about it.

I have been in Network Marketing for over two decades and have never experienced anything like this before. I would love to see my friends (and would be friends) and family members have this kind of team working on their behalf. I have learned that as good as any company is…it is the team that is helping, supporting and working on your behalf that is the hidden treasure of success in Network Marketing.

The team that is behind me is beyond incredible…and I truly mean that.

All of this in a company that has proven to me that they are serious about my success and put their money on the line to prove it.

Quadruple the bonuses…it is UNREAL! That combined with a team that will do absolutely anything for my children’s future…I AM TRULY BLOWN AWAY!

If you have perused through my blog you know that I don’t just spout out things to try and sell people or try to manipulate anyone in any way.

So…if I say something like this it is truly because I am so impressed that I had to share it.




Meeting Brandi Chastain

Today was a great day for me as I was able to go along with my friend Patrick McIntosh to Santa Clara University. Patrick  had set up an interview with Brandi Chastain. I was fortunate enough to join him and work the cameras and also speak with her for a few minutes myself.

If you are not aware of who Brandi Chastain is she is best known for scoring the final penalty kick in the 1999 World Cup for the Women’s US National Soccer Team to beat China in the Finals. You can read all about the excitement afterwards and the rest of her career by simply searching for her name on Google.

However, we were privileged to meet her and be able to learn about many of her more recent activities where she is working on helping to empower girls to be everything that they can be through her charity organization ReachuP.

We also talked about her career and her current thoughts on Soccer. She has some tremendous insights into the sport and it was great to listen as she shared nuggets of wisdom throughout our time with her. She is still amazingly passionate about the sport and her excitement really comes through in the interview.

I will share pieces of the interview here and there but in order to see the whole thing (not sure if it will be posted all at once or in parts) you will need to go to

Also…visit her site where you can find out all of the many things she is up to. She is active in many areas of the sport of soccer and beyond. In all of her many activities it seems it is truly her heart’s desire to help give young ladies a helping hand of empowerment to help them follow their dreams as she was able to follow her own.

I hope you will visit her sight and consider joining her in her worthy endeavors and efforts. I also want to thank Brandi for her time that she chose to spend with us.

I was able to come away with an autographed jersey as well. My daughter has had a US National Team Jersey with Brandi’s name and number on it for a number of years and today we were able to get Brandi’s autograph on it. A big thanks for that as well.

Why U.S. Soccer stinks from top to bottom

Okay so that may be a bold statement but I am fed up with the way we play and the problem runs so deep that I don’t see a way out for years…perhaps decades.


We watched the finals for the Gold Cup last night. I felt horrible for Landon  Donovan as I watched the US team completely fall apart when the pressure was on.

The defense was weakened with the loss of Steve Cherundolo for sure. It is certainly tough to lose a leader and to break up your defense in a massively big game such as the Gold Cup finals. The noise was intense and the confusion high.


Mexico did a good job of capitalizing on those things.


However, I cannot submit to the idea that the loss of one man changed the game that much. Yes…the defense did break down. Yes…the start of the attack would also therefore break down (at least that would be a logical conclusion to make).


The problem as I see it though runs so much deeper than just losing a player and having the flow of the game changed. There is a much greater issue going on here.


Our style of play over a consistent period of time stinks.


Cherundolo went out after about 11-12 minutes. The US was winning 1-0. What happened after that? The US went on and scored another goal 11-12 minutes later to go up 2-0.


If the nature of the game changed that much because of Cherundolo’s absence why did we play some of the best soccer of the game after he was out?


I like Steve and the way he plays. As I said…I do think it was a blow to the team…but the team actually rallied and went forward to even step up their game another notch.


The best passing of the match for the US side happened in that 11-12 minutes after Cherundolo went off.


My question is…why could they not keep up that style of game for more than just a handful of minutes?


My answer is…Mexico adjusted and was able to put pressure on the newly weakened areas of the US. After the added pressure…the US fell apart.


In fact, not only did the US fall apart but they defaulted into a game that reminded me of a U-12 rec. team. I have come to truly believe that most of the players in the US have been taught how to play the game in an entirely wrong manner when they are young.


By the time our youth may have a decent coach or two the wrong habits are so deeply ingrained that whenever pressure increases, these players default back to how they were taught in their youth.


I see it at every level and I have for years been hoping that it could be changed. After seeing the Gold Cup Finals I am becoming more of a pessimist as I realize that my friend Erik is probably correct.


He has told me for years that he believes we have until about the age of 11 or 12 before it is getting too late to learn the appropriate skills to play the game at a higher level.


I think he is correct. I have been able to teach young men how to play very good soccer but the one thing I have not figured out how to overcome is how to teach them to “default” differently. Everyone I know and everyone I have coached has a certain default under pressure.


It seems to be that the default for most people is somewhere about 12-14 years old. What skills and abilities to play, know and understand the game were learned by about those ages seems to be what becomes the default game under pressure.


If the young man or young lady has been coached properly in the early years then that default is a positive thing. People who have been coached properly in the early years tend to default into a very solid simple game of being confident and able to control the ball and tempo very well.


Those who have not been coached properly tend to default into a sort of game that can be categorized as kick ball or something similar. It is a game played from the basis of fear rather than confidence. It always turns out badly.


Even if a team wins with this kind of game it simply cements even further into the DNA that type of soccer. It works against teams that play poorly and even occasionally against teams that play well. But “kick ball” will never win at high levels of the game on a consistent basis.


We are on a mission to change the US game. We are teaching the youth in the Sacramento area how to play a simple, controlled and fast paced passing game as a default. Sure there are effective methods of playing above and beyond a strictly ground passing game…but when the pressure rises…we want our players to “default” into this simple and solid game.


When the ball moves around on the ground at a very high pace it does not take long for the pressure to relax just a bit and for the game to open up to gain the momentum back.


We are wanting to change the “default” game from one of being fear based to one of being confidence based no matter what the pressure from the opponent is.


I appreciate you reading and I would love to hear your comments on the subject…


Simple Health Tip 1—Caring for your Teeth with Silver Shield Gel

Tip #1…


Here is a quick and inexpensive way that seems to work really well for us at improving the health of our teeth.


As I am not a doctor or dentist I am not trying to tell you anything other than our very positive experiences in implementing any of the tips that I share.


They may also work for you and your family…all you can do is try. My only hope is that I can somehow help your life in some way or another. Please watch the 3-4 minute video below:



If you have any questions…let me know.


Also, if you want to buy anything that we use I’ll put a link to where we get them ourselves. Some of these things we represent and sell and others we do not.


To purchase the Silver Shield go here…


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High School Soccer-Number 1 ranked Jesuit versus number 6 ranked Granite Bay

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Manchester United Get Number 19

Just a short post to say “congratulations” to Manchester United. They secured their 19th league title to eclipse Livermore as the most successful English Club in History.


With their 1-1 tie with Blackburn they were able to celebrate another English Premier League Victory. After 37 games out of 38 they have made it impossible to be caught in the race for becoming Champions once again. Up until now they have been tied with Livermore with 18 league victories but now they sit alone in front of history.


Great Job!

I grabbed some photos from the Manchester United web site.