I guess you guys are lucky

We have heard this phrase so many times in regards to our family’s physical and emotional health I lost count many years ago.

Our latest experience…

We have had many people in and around our lives, friends and neighbors and extended family members, come down with some sort of bronchial/lung congestion that really puts them down for a time.

Some of these folks ended up with pneumonia but all had a chronic cough that hangs on for a number of weeks.

My son is dealing with this right now. In the last few days he has had to dial back his activities just a bit but he has not stopped living. He never developed an actual cough but has definitely had bronchial congestion for a few days. Here is the thing though…he is now in the residual stages after 3 days and is feeling much better. I wouldn’t be surprised to see the congestion dissipate within the next day or two and be completely better.

Everyone we know who has had a form of this has been laid out for a week or so and then it takes them another couple of weeks to get to the stage where my son is at after 3 days.

My son probably wouldn’t have even had to deal with it even to this extent had he not trained with his soccer team a couple of days ago. He never was really feeling bad the first day until after he over-exerted himself in training.

Anyhow…I just spoke with him and he is feeling good.

This is what we will hear however: “You are lucky you did not get what I had.”

I was thinking about this phrase yesterday and had to chuckle to myself. I have heard it so many times it is crazy. I wonder…how can we (my immediate family) be so lucky nearly every time some sort of “bug” is being spread around?

I coach soccer at many different age groups from young boys up to a couple of High School Teams. A good portion of the battle for me as a coach is dealing with the fact that on any given day we are missing people from illness or injury. It is a massive problem to navigate through.

Our High School Women’s team that had a roster of 17 only played with a full team 1 out of 15 games. The vast majority of games were played with 11-13 players and only about 7 or 8 of them feeling healthy at any given time.

Our young men’s competitive team was even worse. We had a roster of 22 and often played with 10 or 11 missing 5 to 7 players on any given day due to illness and injury.

We have 6 in our family that play at the moment (and 7 if you count my second youngest who always trains with his older brother’s team). In an entire year we may miss 4 or 5 training sessions (and never a game…maybe 1/year) due to illness and/or injury. That is all 7 of us.

We are fortunate for sure and are very thankful to God that we have avoided issues that we have not been able to take care of at home. But there are certainly reasons why “our luck” is so very consistent year after year.

There are reasons why our injuries heal 5-7 times quicker than anyone else we know. There are reasons why any illness that we may encounter typically only lasts a quarter of the time or less than everyone else around us.

I don’t believe it is because we are lucky…I believe it is because of the way we take care of ourselves.

There is no way we can be so “lucky” after 17 years of having children and having 7 of them all delivered at home and taken care of in the home.

We do things a certain way…and it works…consistently…day after day…week after week…month after month…and year after year.

I am going to be sharing some of our secrets in the coming days and weeks and months…one tip or trick at a time. I have never counted but I would guess there are many hundreds or even thousands of super simple ways to live a more productive life in the sense of having less down time due to physical illness or injury or emotional stress and/or depression or the like.

We live these things and our “luck” never seems to run out.

In closing…again I am grateful to God for how well we have been able to walk this journey out in our family…how healthy we truly are even under some extreme circumstances. I don’t want anyone to think that we have figured everything out. However, we certainly have been blessed with many simple answers to living a better and more productive life than anyone we know simply because we have hundreds if not thousands of solutions at our fingertips that we have been given or searched out or developed on our own.

I truly hope these help you and your family. I’ll be posting the first one shortly…

In Transition…

It has been quite awhile since I posted here but if you have been used to visiting you will see lots of changes. The theme I was using became corrupt and it developed all sorts of troubles. I tried fixing them but could not put my finger on the root problem.

I ended up having to download the database and completely purging everything else in the directory. It did fix my problem but somewhere in my database there is a problem so I have lost hundreds and hundreds of comments. I don’t know if I will be able to ever get them back but at least I have most of my posts and pages here.

I am reorganizing everything I do here so it will be much easier to get around and I am working on refocusing on what we are all about here.

Anyhow…please be patient.

I appreciate it…

Need a Title to Our New Podcast Please Help

About  a month ago I had one of those “AHA” moments that you get from time to time. I had been going through a significant period of evaluating my strengths, weaknesses, passions, desires and narrowing down exactly what it is I am desiring to accomplish through my time and energy spent online. It was quite a process. I spent time nearly every morning reading and reflecting and praying and writing for close to three months. It was indeed quite a process…a bit life-changing too.

One of the things I was looking for was recurring themes in my huge array of varied interests and passions. I was also simply trying to be quiet in order to listen to what God was saying to me and take my lead from that each and every day I sat down during this evaluation process. There were a couple of things that unfolded during that time period but one of them was an idea that seemingly came in an instant but I knew had been “brewing” for a number of weeks before it actually came to the light.

It is an interesting story…but it will have to wait until another time. For the moment…that “AHA” moment spurred on what is now my son’s and my first podcast together. That podcast, below, is about 20 minutes in length and it was a great start to what we hope will be a weekly event (or at least close to it).

I don’t know of anything else like it. My son, Spencer, and I decided that we simply want to share some of the dynamics of our family life. There are so many components to it but at the heart of our family life is an undergirding of love for one another that is seemingly becoming very rare these days. We have been told countless times how much our children have impacted others who watch us from a distance. It typically happens if we are all at a restaurant, or store or an event of some sort.

My wife and most of my children recently helped put on a wedding for our friend and neighbor. By the time I showed up (after most of them had been working for a couple of days) my family had made such an impact on people…nearly everyone I saw there had to tell me about how “amazingly well they get along” and how “they take care of each other so well” and how “incredible it is that they work so hard and stay focused” and so on. I had one gal tell me we should teach what we know on a website or something.

Now if you haven’t read around this blog or any of my others then you may not know that I have seven children. They are amazing people. I couldn’t be more happy with who they are…how they have turned out and who they are all becoming as they grow. They are so very supportive of one another and all of the older ones love the younger ones to the point that even I am amazed at the extent of their love and caring.

So…one of the big things that came out of this time of evaluation was this idea that my eldest son and I simply talk about our lives and what makes our family life work the way it does. I don’t know of anyone else doing anything like this…a father/son podcast of this sort.

But…we have not come up with a name. We are looking for some ideas to spur us on…or maybe you’ll have the perfect idea…I don’t know.

Please listen to the podcast down below…listen to it now or download it and listen another time and then PLEASE leave a comment with your idea as to a title for our new podcast and/or what you think.


Thanks so much…

If the download button on the player does not work simply click here to download.


Keep Working at Your Game-an example from Dimitar Berbatov

Keep Working at Your Game-an example from Dimitar Berbatov



A bit more than a year ago when Manchester United sought out and brought Berbatov over from Tottenham I was very excited. They spent a great deal of money on him and I have always felt like he was a quality player.


As it turns out…he did not perform up to people’s expectations last year and there were a lot of very disappointed people. People were very harsh on him and questioned whether or not it was a mistake to bring him to the club.


I never wavered in my belief that he would be a tremendous asset to Manchester United and saw a great deal of it even last year when it appeared to many as a rather bleak time for him.


You see I saw something above and beyond the goals scored or not scored. I saw some real talent with the ball and whether or not he was scoring he always drew a great deal of attention from the defense. This, of course, allowed the offense to open up a bit when he was in.


And…I trust Sir Alex (the Manager at Manchester United) and his choices. I also listened carefully to him and he always publicly supported Berbatov all the way through the hard times.


Sir Alex used terms like “brilliant” when he talked about Berbatov…even in his off times.


I think there is a great many things to learn from this:


  1. Dimitar Berbatov continued to work hard even when things weren’t going the way he would have liked.
  2. His boss and colleagues continued to believe in him…even through the hard times.
  3. Because of the above 2 items…it helped Berbatov continue to believe in himself and continue working toward being a vital part of his team.



If you are in business or in sports or in a family life that is currently going through hard times…whether it is yourself or someone close to you…keep your belief in yourself or your colleague/partner high and learn how to find ways to encourage yourself and/or the other person involved.


Showing trust in another person is possibly the most powerful ingredient to their success. Berbatov’s manager and team trusted that he was not only giving it his all but that he was growing into what they needed.


The trust and encouragement that is shown to you or that you show to others will help them exceed their highest aspirations. People are much more apt to continue to give it their all even when things look bad.


Also…a positive environment is so much easier for growth than any other type of environment.


Here is a result from last Sunday’s game of what I am talking about:




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How to Create Ebooks, Video Tutorials, Audio Series and so much more by attending Crushers College

Class size for the Crushers College Product Development Course 401 is limited and space is dwindling fast. There is no other place on the planet that you can learn how to create your own downloadable product (the essential ebook mechanics of how to create your own ebook or audio or video product), market it and sell it all in one place.


Crushers College Product Development Course 401 is the only online course available that walks you through the entire process and enables you to make money out of the gate on the other side.


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You will also become “THE” expert or guru in your passion area and people will begin to seek you out for more interaction and possibilities of working with you.


All of this is inevitable if you create a fantastic product that actually comes from the core of your being and then are able to market it through a system that is already in place.


You do not have to spend the hundreds and hundreds of dollars/month or the countless hours to set up the marketing funnel and the shopping cart and everything else that goes along with creating a really dynamic informational product like an ebook or a video tutorial etc…and selling it. This is all included in the very low cost tuition of Crushers College.


You also get one on one help all the way through the process and as much help as you need to be successful.


The Professors at the college are absolutely dedicated to your success. I very much encourage you to check it out. It may just change your life…and you wouldn’t be the first to say so.


It is so much more than simply creating an ebook, or a video series or an audio series…it is a transformational experience.



Here is what a couple of the graduates of Crushers College and the Product Development 401 course have to say:




Go Here to Find out More Information and to Enroll:


Thanks and please get the word out…this really does change people’s lives otherwise I wouldn’t even bother.


Are You Educated about the Supplements You Take-Buyer Beware Safety May be an issue

Becoming Educated about the Supplements You take is Vital. I just read an article by consumer reports that listed 12 ingredients in supplements that they labeled dangerous.

The article is vague at best with very little evidence to back up its claims. However, I would tend to agree with the article in this one supposition:

“What consumers might not realize, though, is that supplement manufacturers routinely, and legally, sell their products without first having to demonstrate that they are safe and effective.”

Can this be a problem? Absolutely it can. The article writer clearly believes it is a regulatory issue. I do not.

I believe it is a personal responsibility issue. I had to do my research before I found the products we have used safely for about 16 years. We use many of the products listed in this consumer reports article:


We do not see any of the ill-effects they talk about in our family. We have 9 in our family and using a medication or even going to the doctor is not even on our radar. I suppose we would if the situation called for it…but we never have had to do so.

You would be amazed (I truly mean AMAZED) at what we have overcome in our family through the use of good quality herbs and supplements. When I get some more time I may start a section on my blog just sharing stories of how we have dealt with hundreds if not thousands of issues in our lives.

From birthing at home to completely caring for each of our own health issues as they come up along the way, I could share stories that you would think are unbelievable. To the average “go-to-the-doctor” sort of person I guess maybe they are.

There is an entire world available to people that they really only have a vague concept of.

This is true of the article writer as well. Consumer Reports did their “due-diligence” but they missed so much that they could have said. They shared a couple of stories that I believe they were looking for in order to satisfy their slanted views. If their views were not slanted, then the article would have been written far more objectively.

Are some supplements dangerous? YES!

It is pretty simple. In fact…I don’t believe you could actually come up with a list of the “dangerous” ones. It depends upon the supplier  and the manufacturer.

Please Continue Reading…

We Could Use Your Help in Choosing a Logo For Our Upcoming 45 Day Health Revolution Course

The Health Crushers (myself, Eric Lujan, Beverly Monical & Eleni Liapakis—you will hear and  learn much more about these fantastic people in the coming weeks) are just about to launch a Revolution in Getting Healthy. We Call it the 45 Day Health Revolution and it will be Six Weeks of Practical, Down to Earth, Action Oriented Material that Will Quite Possibly Change the Course of Your Life.

We are taking out all of the “fluff” and just giving what works and what doesn’t. We have spent years (decades) wading through the available info. and have narrowed it down to the things that will actually bring results to giving people more energy…really just a better quality of life—more active, more involved, less fatigue, more energy, more clarity of thought and many other areas of life that are helped just by getting the mental, emotional and physical areas of your life in tune.

Anyhow…I don’t want this to sound like a sales letter…but I did want to share what is coming up. This 45 Day Health Revolution is a class being given through “Crushers College.” But…we need your help in choosing a logo. If you would please go here to vote I would very much appreciate it. And…please tell all of your friends to do so as well.

Then…simply stay in touch and I will be sharing more about the upcoming course in the next week or so.


Thanks…very much!

The Birthday Miracle-God’s intervention to save a mother and her daughter

This is a guest post by my very good friend Patrick Mcintosh. Please visit his fun and awesome blog.


Please read the entire account of Patrick sharing how he and his family experienced the miraculous intervention from God to save both his wife and his daughter from almost certain death had the circumstances been just slightly different.


The Birthday Miracle:


I love how so many people refer to “the miracle of child-birth.” When people have asked me in conversations about the event and I have said, “it was a miracle…” They nod and smile and keep the conversation flowing. Even when I have said, “No, It was a frigin, real miracle!” people have responded with knowing looks and comments and launch into their own story about their own kid’s birth.


This is a brief story about miracles, disguised as coincidences in my life. I believe they are in everybody’s life. If you look at them for what they are- God’s hand in your life, they can become a huge vehicle for gratitude and further blessings.



So, April 16th 2009: The baby, Kaida was two days overdue. My Mother-in-law was visiting and driving us a little crazy. I called in to work and said that I wouldn’t be there. I somehow knew the baby would be born today. I told my wife, Toby and my mother-in-law this.  I had everything ready to go. The car had been on the ready with all the lists double-checked.


We went on a walk around the neighborhood and went up a slight hill that will forever be named “Contraction Hill.” Toby felt faint. We were coming to half-way on a loop and we debated on whether to  push on or turn back. We turned around and headed home.


We had a routine check-up at Marshal Hospital and we wanted to be in good form and not be rushed. We waddled back, got our things together and drove to the hospital, mother-in-law in tow.




A no-stress test is routine. Toby had three or five already and they are fun, really. There is a heart-rate monitor for the baby and you hear her heartbeat through speakers and there is a readout and you can see the ultra-sound. It is amazing…really! The 5th time isn’t as amazing as the first so I had found a recliner and a Sports Illustrated and was relaxing. It was a monitor for like 45minutes and 45minutes were about up and the nurse had come and gone a handful of times and said things like, “Everything looks fine!” You ought to go back home now.” “This baby is going to come when she wants to.” “just relax at home….” What followed was a blur, really, but I do recall this:


We were getting collected to leave. All the cheerful, benign comments the nurse was making sounded like my life- no worries- pizza tonight- movie, a foot-rub and entertain mother-in-law…then the baby’s heart-rate plummeted. It went from a steady rhythm to a hesitating, weak irregularity. Toby said she felt dizzy and the color left her face.  An alarm went off.  The tone of the nurse turned more sharp and restrained like he was holding back a reaction to yell for help.  The room that was once empty became full with white coats and bustling personnel. A radio squawked and people were rushing about.


Our OBGYN Doctor was on duty. She said, “We need to get this baby out right now.” They put the wheels down on the bed that Toby was on and wheeled her out. A nurse took me, half, running behind her, to the operating room. Something was terribly wrong.




I was givin a blue, smock, booties and shower-cap and sat in a wheel-chair, waiting for somebody to put a baby in my arms. Please, God, what is happening?  I called my mom and said an Our Father. A nurse at the station began to cry and her colleagues consoled her. She said that this had reminded her of her daughter and the birth of her grandchild. From the look of grief and terror on her face, I judged the birth didn’t end up with a live baby or daughter or both? I sat and fumbled…the nurses asked their crying colleague to take a lunch break and go get some air. They new she was scaring me.  Here’s what the doctors told us after:


A placental abruption: It’s rare- usually happens with mothers who have used drugs and other strange times. It is not really understood. What happens is the placenta pulls off the wall of the uterus and it can be fatal for mother and baby if you are not close to or inside of a hospital. The baby loses its supply of oxygen and the mother can bleed to death in a matter of minutes.


We were told to leave the hospital. We were going to get in the car and drive down highway 50 for 20 minutes. Instead, God had us in a delivery room, under the watch of a swarm of doctors and nurses with a monitor on the baby’s heart rate.


Above the din of the operating-room hall, the shriek of a baby rang out. She was alive! Seconds later, she was in my arms and somebody was wheeling me down the hall to the neo-natal wing and Kaida was looking up at me with big blue eyes and a swath of strawberry-blonde hair. All perfect like a cherub. Perfect round head. All fingers and toes, responding like a perfect newborn… Toby was under anesthesia and would be alright. I would see her when she woke up.


I felt like a giant Greyhound bus was headed right at our house and at the last moment, it swerved away. Coincidence? I like the term, “God-incidence.” What kind of co-incidences have you had in your life? Can you begin to realise these as God-incidences? If you can, and begin to give thanks, gratitude can begin to take root in you and in my opinion, grace is the place where blessings flow from.





I believe God’s heart is especially tender in regards to child birth. In the coming days I may share a story or two of our 6 births and how God miraculously intervened in some of ours births as well…most specifically when our twins were born at home.


Anyhow…please share your own stories or “God-incidences” as Patrick calls them, or your thoughts or whatever. I would love to hear from you.


Many Blessings,

What I have been up to these past few weeks-Crushers College and other exciting stuff

We (The Daily Crushers) started our exclusive coaching/training advanced college course on product creation Monday Evening. We have some high-powered, hand selected individuals going through Crushers College to create some fabulous products they are completely passionate about.


You will hear more about these as we go through the coming weeks. This is a highly intensive jam-packed course. Once we near our finishing time with these folks we are going to open it up to the broader public with lectures and workshops. The new course will be spread out over a slightly longer time period than what we are putting these handful of superstars through. Stay tuned to hear much more about this as we go along.


We have put into place a special structure that no-one has done before. Together with our training…these superstars will have their own life-changing products to offer to the public at large. They will have in place the structure and machinery to distribute and market it.


None of this has ever been done before and we are excited to be offering it to these first handful of students to Crushers College. If you are interested in a course that will give you the tools and ability to create your own product that will set you apart as the expert in your field…and…give you the ability to market your product and begin to actually see an income from your labors, then you will want to keep up with the Daily Crushers…and sign up for the next course available through Crushers College coming soon.


We will be unveiling the date of our release of this College Course in the coming weeks.



I am also involved with the development of a product (with the help of my friends in the Health Crushers) that will literally change people’s lives for the much, much better. (I don’t believe this type of course has ever been offered before).


I am partnering up with Eric Lujan (elite professional triathlete…ranked #20 in the world, private trainer and chef), Beverly Monical (natural health and fitness guru specializing in helping you get fit at home), Eleni Liapakis (master of the mindset to help you get and keep motivated along with an expertise in healing digestive issues naturally), Steve Hachey (educator for more than a decade, natural health fanatic and gardner extraordinaire).


I personally have over 2 decades as a natural health consultant, private trainer and coach. I have spoken and put on dozens of classes and seminars across the United States. I will be doing an exclusive online webinar series on the topic of energetics…stay tuned for that as well.


Anyhow…our Health Crushers course is a product of the Daily Crushers and it is going to be a one of a kind, change your life kind of experience. We have so much knowledge and understanding (between the 5 of us) to share we can hardly take it. It will be offered as one of the College Courses through Crushers College.


Another major activity I have been heavily involved with is my Son’s Soccer team. We are heading to Reno, NV this coming weekend for a division 1 tournament. Our competition will be very fierce. We will be playing teams from N. California, Nevada and Arizona. The N. California and Arizona teams are ranked 20 and 22 in their respective states.


We strategized today as to how we can compete and actually beat these 2 high-powered teams. By keeping the ball moving very fast from one player to another we can keep the other teams a bit off balance. This will open up opportunities for us to score.


I want them to know that they can have confidence going in but also to have a healthy respect to be able to stick to the game plan and not waiver from it. These teams are very, very good and we need to stick to our plan to be successful.


Once we get these teams a bit off balance, we can go in and exploit their weaknesses and hopefully score some goals. We have some high powered goal scorers so our first two games on Saturday should prove to be good challenges and possibly good opportunities to beat higher ranked teams.


This is true in any business and in life in general. Having an idea how to compete and succeed is crucial for winning. You don’t have to stick with your plan if it doesn’t work…in fact you would be silly to do so. However, it is very good to know where you are starting at and where you are heading to…then making adjustments along the way is quite easy.


My eldest daughter is also playing in this tournament this coming weekend. I think they have a very good chance of coming away with a tournament victory so I look forward to that as well.



My blog posts have been infrequent as of late but all of these projects have been keeping me quite involved with very exciting stuff.


With that being said…I hope you plan to join us for any or all of these fantastic courses coming up as Crushers College gets a full head of steam and gets underway.



Thanks everyone…leave a comment and tell me what you think. I certainly appreciate it.



Training Video 1

This short video is part of the teaching we do for my son’s soccer team. This way his team can learn from seeing the very best in the world to understand and internalize all of the important points. I have commentary so they can see what I want them to learn from this video. It is short enough that they can go through it over and over again. I am leaving the body of this post in place just as I have it on their website. You can check out the Sierra Nevada United FC website if you like.

I think I am going to start sharing these training videos with my readers here so that they can follow some of the thinking behind our philosophy of playing the beautiful game…just another part of who I am.


Here is the post:

This 30 second video is loaded with great things to learn and be aware of as you are playing…You will have to watch it 10-15 times probably to see all of these things. It is short enough that you can keep going over it to follow the commentary below.

Then…leave a comment and let me know that you understand and actually see what I am talking about.

1. Berbatov overlaps around Nani right at the sideline. Notice how the defender is lost because he is screened off by Nani. Berbatov is freed simply because there is not enough room for the defender to follow. This is a great trick on the sideline that will fool nearly every defender you ever go up against. Nani does a nice job of popping the ball over his head to Berbatov. Also notice how Nani moves to open space toward the corner. This brings a defender with him. So, although he isn’t a part of the play…he takes a defender out of the play.

2. Although Berbatov’s cross is not the greatest…Rooney gets a jump on the defender and moves to the ball first. So…Rooney’s movement and vision is very good. He moves to the ball and controls the ball towards the open space. He creates plenty of space for himself to be able to make a great turn and volley on the ball. His shot is very good but he gave himself the opportunity by getting to the ball first and controlling the ball to space rather than trying to control it to his feet.

3. Giggs is in a great position to follow up. Notice how Fletcher is in a position right in front of the goal and Giggs is back 10 yards or so. They take up different positions waiting for a rebound. Giggs is in space on the far side while Fletcher is marking the keeper in case the keeper fumbles the ball…it would make it an easy score. Gigg’s shot is not the greatest but he is positioned in the perfect place. This puts them in an ideal place for a put back…Rooney, Fletcher and Giggs all inside the box.

4. When the ball comes out again there is the left back (Evra) and another center midfielder, Scholls (Fletcher is the other center midfielder…one center midfielder way up and one hanging back in the space on top of the defense waiting to pick up partially cleared balls) collecting the ball…using each other and then sending it to the wing (Nani) again to start the whole process over once again. Behind Evra and Scholls there would be the two center backs (Vidic and Evans in this case) hovering around in space backing those two up.

5. Nani loses the ball when he tries it again…but I would say it is not his fault. He is expecting someone to move up and fill that space where he puts the ball. Notice how he gets rid of the ball and then starts moving up field. He is expecting a team mate to move into that space and do a one-touch pass back up to him to the corner so he can get a good cross back into the middle with Rooney, Berbatov, Fletcher & Giggs hanging around the box to get the cross and put it into the net. This does not happen but that is the thinking behind it all.

Coach Bruce