Simple Health Tip 2—Predictable and Sustainable Energy

In our modern day world that is so full of things to occupy our minds and attentions it is a common malady to be tired much of the time.

Most people end up drugging themselves with caffeine or a caffeine-like substance on a daily basis. Although caffeine has been shown to be a healthy part of an individual’s routine, it is only true in extremely moderate amounts. I love coffee but I will typically either make it all decaffeinated or 2/3 decaffeinated. I have found that this is enough to get the health benefits such as helping to ward off various cancers but not too much to stress my nervous system and adrenal glands.

Believe it or not, your adrenal glands will tire with too much work. You can do a search for adrenal exhaustion (or adrenal fatigue) and you will find that tiredness and fatigue are at the top of the list of symptoms. An overload of caffeine drives your adrenal glands and contributes to adrenal exhaustion in my opinion (I will share with you one day how caffeine has actually saved my life on a few occasions so I am not down on it. It just needs to be consumed smartly) if done on a daily basis.

I actually know people who have caffeine multiple times/day and rely on it for their energy boosts. The energy drink industry is massive. It is a sure indicator that people are needing more energy throughout their very full days.

I have a couple of ideas to help people: 

1. Get enough sleep. Dr. Archibald Hart did a giant study a number of years ago and determined that most people are sleep deprived all of the time. I have found that 8 and a half hours/night seems to be the very best amount of sleep for most people. I realize that there are a whole host of people that actually have sleep problems but one big step in addressing sleep problems could possibly be kicking the caffeine habit.

2. Drink enough pure water. The simplest way to stay hydrated and mildly detoxify the body is to drink enough pure water throughout each day. A good rule of thumb that I have found is 1/2-2/3 oz. of water/lb. of body weight each day. So, if you weigh 150 pounds, according to this formula you would want to drink 75-100 oz/day.

3. I have found a few helps in the supplement world as well. Without going into specifics of possible pathologies such as having adrenal issues, blood sugar issues, thyroid issues or others, I have found the following drink helps generally improve my overall health and increase my mental clarity and physical & emotional energy without  feeling any sort of “buzz” or anything like what caffeine will do to you. (There are also some patches that are very helpful called Energy patches from the Lifewave Corporation. I used to sell these but don’t any longer. However, I still think they are very good).

I now very much love this drink:

2 oz. Xtra Concentrate from Univera

2 oz. lemon juice

1 packet of Govera from Univera

12 oz. of water

This drink when taken on a consistent basis over time has really rocked my world. If you have read my blog you know that we are a family that takes herbs and supplements daily. I have been consulting for over 25 years in the natural health field and this is one of the easiest and overall best ways to increase and sustain energy levels while improving overall quality of health that I have found. It really works exceptionally well for increasing energy and stamina for athletes as well. Our family has had amazing success using this drink for a greatly added boost for soccer and other physical activities. We have some great stories in this regard.

Please contact me if you want to know more.