The Power of a Mission—why it is so important to see Bill, Stephen, Randy and Al

In a world where the promises are considerably overstated at every turn it is hard to believe in a genuine cause, in genuine people and a genuine company. We hope and then are let down because the promise of something grand and something beautiful never happens.

“Once in a lifetime opportunities” are fueled by people’s hopes and dreams of a better life-a life that is more fulfilled and free from so many stresses that imprison us. Wouldn’t it be nice if our “once in a lifetime opportunity” would come someday and be real? It is too much to hope for and that is why I believe people settle for so little so often in their lives.

It is too much to hope (again) and then be disappointed (again). It is too much to dream (again) and have those dreams never come to fruition because someone hyped up the promise that would never be able to deliver.


What if there really was a “once in a lifetime opportunity” that was truly genuine? What if our skepticism kept us from seeing it? I learned a long time ago to have a healthy skepticism but keep an open heart. Without an open heart we are going to miss most of the best things in life. Without an open heart we will miss those things that are seemingly hidden to the outside world but once you look inside the pages you see a vast world of beauty and limitless possibilities.

I want to tell you there is still at least one last and greatest hope for all of us longing for something more and something bigger and better in life. There is one place where dreams are dared to be pursued and attained. There is one company that is opening up doors so wide that if people are even slightly courageous they begin to see possibilities open up like they have never experienced before. It is like coming out upon a precipice and looking out over a vast expanse and admiring the grandeur of an awe-inspiring valley full of rivers, lakes, trees, mountains and the stuff of nature that naturally brings good feelings and life.

There is at least one company out there that is good…at least one place where noble things are done on a daily basis bringing positive changes to people’s lives. People once again dare to hope. They once again dare to dream. They once again dare to spread their wings that they thought had been clipped by the stuff of life but found are still intact for full flight. It is simply learning how to fly as an adult in the way you dreamt as a child.

Univera brings hope to people’s lives. It brings the possibility to live a vibrant, full and energetic life. It brings the chance for freedom that is seldom if ever found in this world. The stresses of life have nearly destroyed us but Bill Lee is personally combatting that and empowering people to rise above and be heroic…be better than their circumstances…be alive, aware, courageous and free.

Bill has created a vehicle to open up your dreams and hopes unlike anything in modern history. This philanthropic billionaire wants your life and my life to be everything we ever hoped for as a child…where possibilities were actually possible and where dreams were meant to be pursued and attained. He is a man that wants the perfect vehicle for you to become everything you ever wanted to be.

The Univera products give life to the body and the Univera opportunity gives life to the soul.

It is truly and genuinely unlike anything I have ever seen or experienced in 50 years of life. With Stephen, Randy and Al, Bill has opened up doors so wide that anyone with a spark of life and just a little bit of hope can begin to dream again and pursue those things you once thought were possible but lost somewhere amidst the stuff of life.

Join me and dream, hope, live and find freedom. Come hear owner Bill Lee, Chief Scientific Officer, Stephen Cherniske, President/CEO, Randy Bancino and top Income Earner Al Keranen as they share the greatest vehicle to your future that perhaps the world has ever seen. Each of these men have proven to me that they are genuine and full of integrity as they pour out their lives to improve mine and anyone who desires to join us on this journey.

It is quite a ride…unlike anything you have ever experienced. It all starts Sept. 25 for an extended lunch. Join us at the Sunrise Event Center in Rancho Cordova from 11:30-2:00 (or at the Atlantis in Reno in the evening). I’ll buy you lunch…but you have to let me know ahead of time in order for me to purchase you a ticket. You will never regret this choice to go and experience something that is truly different and genuinely life-changing.