The Truth as I see It Part 1

Twenty years ago I taught a seminar on the “new age” movement. It was a fascinating topic to me as I saw many people in Los Angeles (where I lived at the time) embrace the theories that human evolution would bring about a “new age” for  humanity and the world.


Much of these theories revolved around the idea that the human brain has almost an unlimited capacity to connect with the universe and create almost any reality it wants.


Whether it be physical healing from diseases and other physical ailments, or bringing about riches, or bringing about world peace or environmental peace…all of this is possible as humans evolve into beings that rely less and less on traditional methods of interacting (basically hurting one another) and embrace a new sense of “oneness” and unity with one another.


This unity is a “spiritual” connection that will bring about a new era in the world unlike anything we have ever experienced. This “spiritual” connection not only brings people together but it also brings people into unity with basically everything that exists. As we become “one” with everything around us the cumulative power of this unity will create a “new age” where all people get along and it is all very comfy cozy and gives us all the warm fuzzies all of the time.


Doesn’t that sound nice?


The sentence in italics is my conclusion to the “new age” movement. It is not expressly spelled out that way but then again…not much about the belief system really is.


About two and a half years ago I started spending much more time online. I started a blog, joined Twitter, Facebook, MySpace and other social media sites. I then started another blog and another and so on. I enjoy the blogosphere…what can I say? Although I hardly have time to tend to even this my primary blog at the moment.


Anyhow…I digress and I apologize. Through many of my connections online I noticed a recurring theme pop up concerning the power of the mind and the ability to “create” your own reality and other similar things. Love is thrown around more than just a little bit and the Universe now tastes and feels like it has an actual personality.


I see and hear quotes such as “the universe will challenge your resolve” when you are on the right track (to explain that challenges happen and bad things come our way etc.) and the fact that people often will throw around phrases like “the universe gives” and so on.


I don’t think the language is accidental. As much as someone may not admit that they believe the universe has a personality, many people’s lives are lived out as if it does.


Attributing a personality to anything changes it from something that is purely interactive on a physical level to something that is interactive on an emotional level or even possibly a spiritual level. In fact, many people call themselves “spiritual” who simply see themselves as connecting with the forces of the universe. I get that. What I have a harder time getting is when people get emotionally involved in the process.


Are there physical forces at work in the universe that are highly interactive? Indeed. What are they and do they have a “say” in who we are and/or who we become…and do they have a stake in who we are and/or become? These are questions that need answering…because they will in large part determine if we indeed confer a personality to the universe or not.


If we give the universe a personality then we are in essence naming the universe as god.


So why do I bring any of this up?


Obviously I see connections between the “new age” movement and the current trend of connecting with the universe. Books and movies such as “The Secret” which claim the “law of attraction” is at the heart of a successful human existence take the “new age” movement and simply put a new twist on it.


The “law of attraction” crowd simply believes that you attract those things in your life based upon your belief system and attitudes toward life, others and so on. This is a grand oversimplification but in its essence this statement is true. So…you “attract” to yourself those things that happen to you.


It is in its essence very similar to the “new age” thinkers. The reality that we create begins in the mind.


Do I have a problem with this way of thinking? It may sound like it the way I approach it but no I really don’t have a huge disagreement with this way of thinking in general…but…


Yes there is a but and it is a huge but I must say.


Let me explain just a bit.


I need to start with how I view the universe because I believe it is a hugely important issue in being able to decipher not only the practical implications of life but the more important implications of life in relation to eternity and what that means.


The universe is…


I will explain in a later post…hang on and be patient.








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