The Truth as I see It Part 2

Let’s see…I left off Part 1 with…


The universe is…QUITE SIMPLY A COMBINATION OF MATTER AND ENERGY. More about that later…


It is certainly NOT GOD. But, when we treat it like God (purposely or not) it brings with it a whole host of unintended consequences.


As I said in the first part…if we confer upon the universe a personality then we are essentially giving it (notice the use of “it”…a term that denotes an object and not a person), in all practical respects, the position of God or at least a god.


God, in all cultures, whether using a “G” or a “g”, has within it the concept of someone who has a will and a personality. The personality of God or a god does not have to imply any sense of goodness (as we often think) but there must be some sense of individuality or “personhood.”


If the universe is understood as simply an inanimate object (matter and energy) that we actually can interact with just as I am interacting with my computer at this very moment, then I don’t have a problem with that. I input energy into my computer and a similar energy is given back to me.


The problem is that we use language that “draws” us into an interaction with the universal forces of energy and so forth as if the universe actually has a personality of its own. So at an emotional level we may treat the universe as a god and miss out on some important aspects of what it means to be human…such as the search for meaning outside of ourselves within the scope of a greater personality or purpose than just us…ie—the search for God.


Therefore, I believe the language we use ends up dictating our own concepts about what it means to be human and what it means to be alive because those places within every human that long for answers and a connection with someone beyond themselves are satiated to a point of ceasing to look for those connections…believing instead, that those connections are already made in the unintended emotional and/or spiritual connection with the universe.


Back to the computer analogy…my computer is a very useful tool and as such has become essential in my day to day life. If I didn’t know anything about computers, however, I perhaps would come across it some day (as perhaps a middle ages european might do if he/she happened to be transported to this time) and think that it was an inexplicable and marvelous thing. In my ignorance I may believe that it has “magical” powers and eventually (in my ignorance) probably treat it like a god.


In my journey in these past couple of years and seeing how people treat the universe I believe it is a similar thing as my computer analogy. Too many people treat the mysteries of the universe similar to my medieval man would treat a super high tech computer. We confer upon the universe (simply because we have discovered some incredibly interesting aspects about the universe and the nature of energy) the ability to “give” and “take,” to “create” and other similar “powers” that would traditionally only be given to God or a god.


I also hear language like…”we are co-creators with the universe.” These types of statements not only imply that the universe has a will and a personality but that we have a significant connection with this universe where we somehow partner in the divine nature of it and all that that entails. Many people perhaps are referring to some sort of evolutionary process when they speak of a “creating” universe. But the language itself is enough to cause us to internally “act” as if the universe has a personality and that we can connect with it in such a way as to become a part of this “divine” nature. Our hearts and minds adjust to these things and we cease to seek an entity beyond ourselves as our nature is designed to do. Rather, we begin to “believe” that the divine nature is essentially found within us. In essence, if I figured out how to “tap into the power” of the above mentioned computer I may just believe that I was a “co-creator” with it when in reality I would simply be inputting energy to get an output of energy. It may not be an even give and take…but it essentially is a similar phenomenon as interacting with the universe.


Much of the modern day free thinking world would agree with me in as much as we can interact with the universe that it simply is a matter of an energetic interaction. However, the tendency is also to start connecting uniquely human emotions to this interaction and then the actions that we take no longer follow the beliefs we say we have. It is a very small leap indeed to start believing that our interaction with an incredibly vast and misunderstood energetic force such as the universe would turn into a “spiritual” connection without even realizing it. We begin using language that creates a “spiritual” interaction with the universe that we have given a “personality” to (even if only with our language) and then we end up acting out our lives in sync with these ideas…far from the place where we started. The tendency is then to look inside ourselves (after all we are a part of that universal energy that abounds and surrounds us) for that divine essence that we are so desirous to connect with. For…if we can connect with the universe in such a way as to bring out the divinity within ourselves then we have satisfied that need to connect with the divine.


So, the desire to connect with the divine actually takes place in our practical lives whether or not it actually has any bit of truth to it or not. We connect and interact with the energy that surrounds us (and is much bigger than us) as if that energy has a personality by using language that gives it the ability to “willfully” interact back. As we practically live out the idea that we co-labor with the universe we get a sense of satisfaction as if our innate desire to connect with something beyond ourselves has actually occurred. It then is a very small step to satisfy the second strongest urge inside of us…that of becoming divine ourselves.


We use language that opens up doors to places where the human heart and soul cannot possibly sustain a sane connection with reality. It does not take much to see that the human capacity to connect with the divine is not within our own capacity to do so…if we would simply be able to open our eyes and minds just a bit. Instead, the draw of the possibility of being able to create our own destinies and “visualize” our own outcomes is very appealing. It is so appealing and strong that it causes us to be blind to the simple realities that are so evident to anyone not caught in that mistaken realm of fantasy. We are certainly not divine and it doesn’t matter how much education or evolution one may go through human nature has never changed in thousands of years…and it is not going to do so in the coming “new age” either.


If you actually believe that you have the capacity of the divine and are living as if that were true, please take a deep look inside of yourself and then look at your life as it really is…not through the fantasy glasses you typically do. You will find that your tendency to put yourself first, even when it truly hurts others, is very strong indeed. You may believe that it is “love” that directs you but when that pressure really mounts then you will see the truth of what I am talking about. You will choose yourself and self-preservation will be your mantra and your typical mode of operation. Sure you can snap out of that because you may talk of “love” and such things but when things truly go wrong and the pressure builds…then your true nature will reveal itself to you. You can even put on a good show for long periods of time…but I know that neither the universe nor anything inside of you cannot and does not have the power to change who you are by nature.


This is also true of religious folks who believe they have the answers on their side. Most of the world of religion believe they have answers that others do not. However…they are many times not much further along in their true core understanding as to the nature of what it means to be human and connect with the divine than do those who connect with the universe.


More of this in part 3…









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