The World is Changing–Important Aspects of the upcoming election

With one week before the Presidential Election in the U.S. I have some important things that I need to share. These things may cause you to think twice about the decisions you make in the next week. (I apologize ahead of time if this isn’t completely coherent in its flow but I am in a hurry and wanted to get it up. If I find the time I may rework it a bit but I think you will get what I am trying to convey easily enough…it is that important).


You may have heard about these things in the past or you may not have. I don’t have time to go into the reasons or the hows of why I know these things but I want you to consider them. Test them out…do research and work through them yourself. I am not claiming to have the corner on truth or anything like that but I spend a great deal of time thinking through possibilities and looking at trends and although I don’t have time to get into details or even research all of the details of these trends I believe it is imperative that I share with you what I believe to be happening today. This information will hopefully cause you to think twice or even three or four times about who you vote for in the upcoming election.


There are a few key areas in the economy that I believe will take on a much bigger role in the  shaping of the future of our nation. Rather than treat this like a commercial and tease you with this information I am simply going to share with you what I know and what I have deduced from these things and how they may affect our future as a nation…and in turn you.


These few areas of extreme importance to us all are:


  • Energy
  • Information
  • Healthcare


More specifically…how are we going to handle technology and/or research as they relate to these areas in the political arena and how they will eventually affect us? If you are an investor and are looking for places to put your money, I would suggest you research the things I am about to share. My purpose for writing this article is not for investment purposes however, but for the very heart of who  we are as a people and what we are as a nation. I believe that these areas will in part lead the way to almost unprecedented economic development in our nation and will in turn give unbelievable opportunities for power grabs for those who have that in their heart and are in a position to take advantage of these things.


Let’s look at the energy issue first.


There are a couple of things I am convinced of in regards to energy. For the past six or seven years I have loosely been following the oil reserves we have in our nation. Most of you should know these things but I don’t actually know if many follow energy trends and the technology related to them or not. My understanding is that the U.S. has enough energy reserves that are untapped as to be able to completely change the face of our country’s economic climate in dramatic fashion. As I said, I have followed these things for a number of years and I am convinced that this is true.


There are a couple of areas that we need to consider:


  • Natural Gas
  • Oil


It is fairly well established that we have one of the largest natural gas reserves in the world (I believe we are in the top 5 in the world-or close to that). Our natural gas consumption is relatively low (not necessarily relative to the world’s consumption but relative to available and potential technological development and the possibilities connected to it’s potential usage) and our production is high. In contrast, countries like Japan and China consume a great deal of Natural Gas and their ability to tap into their own reserves has been limited. China is just now beginning to use technology (developed here in the United States) to tap into their own shale reserves. Japan has very few reserves at all but is one of the largest consumers in the world. India has few reserves but is a fairly major consumer as well. Need for these nations will most assuredly grow and that means they will need to get their Natural Gas from someone.


The European Union is second to the U.S. in overall consumption in the world and yet they rank down near the 20 mark in known reserves. Where do they get most of their natural gas? Mostly Russia which has far and away the largest known reserves in the world. The question to consider is this…who can provide cheaper sources of Natural Gas to the world?


Who is Japan and the European Union (not to mention individual countries like Germany and Italy) and India (among many other nations) going to buy their Natural Gas from? There are political issues involved with this but when it all comes down…they will buy it from the U.S. most likely. We developed the technology of hydraulic fracturing (fracking) and we are developing the ability to get Natural Gas to these places overseas far cheaper than through the trans european pipelines from Russia to the European Union.


The U.S. has an enormous potential of becoming the world power of supplying Natural Gas to the biggest consumers of this energy source. This is great news right? Of course it is. This is especially good news in light of our current horrid economic climate.


There is a massive problem however in regards to our political climate in this nation. As our nation moves into the realm of massive exporter of Natural Gas the federal government will by default play a huge role in all of this. There will be choices to be made and who we vote into the presidency will be critical amidst these choices.


Right now there are very few methods of transporting Natural Gas across the ocean. The biggest potential for the U.S. is to transport it in the form of LNG (Liquid Natural Gas). The technology is available (it has been for decades–although much more efficient today) to be able to transform Natural Gas into LNG but we currently don’t have anywhere in the lower 48 states that actually does it.


However, there are about eight facilities currently planned and one already under construction. This one on the Texas/Louisiana border, owned by Cheniere Energy should be ready to be put into action in the next couple of years. Although there are eight facilities in the works, the Cheniere facility is currently the only one with the Feds approval. It is the only one licensed thus far. The cost of the facility is approximately 10 billion dollars but the upside potential (nearly a guarantee) of money to be made as a result of this facility is massive in scope. It will make the $10,000,000,000 price tag a very small investment for the amount of returns coming.


With seven more of these facilities in place the potential for world dominance in the Natural Gas energy sector is nearly a foregone conclusion in my opinion…namely because we will be able to provide the cheapest Natural Gas in the world.


Now what does this have to do with politics you might ask? I will get to that but first I need to briefly cover the issue of energy from Oil as well. The U.S. oil reserves are extensive. Our ability to get to those Oil reserves is second to none in the world. We developed the technology to get to our Oil. It is in place (just as we developed the technology to get to our Natural Gas reserves).


Our Oil reserves, just as with Natural Gas, are in huge abundance found in shale fields. Because of the aforementioned methods of “fracking” we are able to get to these Oil reserves through an economically feasible method. Oil production is currently skyrocketing as energy companies take it upon themselves to access oil reserves on privately held lands. Together with states like Alaska, North Dakota and Texas (pro-drilling states), these companies have been able to access some of our nations natural resources of Oil reserves. However, huge reserves are held captive on publicly held lands by our federal government.


There are a massive amount of Oil reserves in this nation that are untapped. How much of this is controlled by the Federal Government? I don’t know specifically but it is a huge amount.


In light of these two areas of Energy and how they may affect our economy, what do you think might happen to those in power when our full potential of energy is tapped into?


The political power that will be made available is almost beyond anything we have ever seen. I will spell out just a couple of things I see coming about as a result of the boon in these two areas of Energy.


First, since the exporting of Natural Gas includes huge plants to turn Natural Gas into LNG all of the permits and licenses and regulations will go directly through the Federal Government. We will almost surely have an energy boon but who will have the most to gain from it is the big question.


I believe that if President Obama is reelected and stays in office during this time he will figure out how to exploit this boon in Natural Gas production and exportation and will be able to create an enormous amount of wealth and power at the federal level. What will he choose to do with this? Everything about his history, his rhetoric and his character leads me to believe that he will seize as much power as he possibly can. He will have the power over licensing of these facilities to export Natural Gas. How will he use that to establish political power for himself. I will leave that to your imagination as I don’t have time to go into it all right now…but it scares me to death to think of the many ways.


In the area of Oil production since so much of our nation’s oil is on Federal Lands a very similar scenario is in place. Our Federal Government will wield an enormous amount of power over this energy sector. President Obama has already shown that he has the power to say “no” to drilling on public lands. What happens when he says “yes?” What will the financial gains be to the Federal Government and what will the stipulations and unspoken deals be in terms of favors owed and money transferred to individuals in governmental power? We already know that lobbyists spend enormous amounts of money to get what they want from politicians. Imagine what may take place in this area? With the greatest economic potential in our times at stake (and the potential power that goes with that), what type of power can individuals who hold the decision making strings gain?


I believe that our current president has CLEARLY shown himself to be untrustworthy, a liar, and someone who is more concerned with political power than anything else. He is devoid of character (positive character, that is) and I believe he will use the massive power potential from these two areas of Energy to make sure that he is able to finally transform our nation from a free nation to one that is essentially enslaved to the state.


How can he accomplish this? Simple…give out FREE handouts to people from the massive amounts of wealth that will be produced from these two areas alone. They will vote for him. It has proven true throughout not only our own history but in the history of the world as well. The more of a free ride people get, the more they will keep those in power who are giving them that free ride. It is a huge tragedy every time this happens.


What you have to decide is…how do you view Obama’s character? Will he want that much power? Will he use it to his advantage? Like I said, I think it is beyond clear what he will do. He will take advantage of the circumstances and create a power base like we have seldom (or perhaps never) seen in the U.S. It scares me to think of what he will do and I am convinced that our nation will forever change in very negative ways if President Obama is reelected.


What about Governor Romney? Whatever you believe about him, his character is very much in contrast to Obama’s. Governor Romney has shown in his lifetime that he genuinely cares for people and although he is very good at creating wealth for himself, he has never used his power to exploit people while he has been in public office. Governor Romney is wealthy from being in business. President Obama is wealthy from being in politics. Who is more trustworthy just from this info. alone? It is obvious. Governor Romney has not exploited his political position but President Obama has used his political power to gain more power at every stage and at every step.


History speaks for itself. The record and evidence (the true evidence) speaks for itself. Governor Romney will help our nation prosper (businesses and individuals) through the changes in Natural Gas and Oil that will be coming and President Obama will make sure that the Federal Government prospers and that he uses the money and power gained to ensure that he will stay in power for as long as possible. How far can he take that? I don’t know but I am skeptical that our constitution and way of life will survive long if President Obama retains the presidency through this next election.


I have not even touched on the areas of information and healthcare and the impact they will have on our nation and its economy relative to the Federal Government, but I believe the end results will be the same…more power to a President that is willing to exploit it but more wealth to our people as a whole to someone who is wanting to let Freedom be the guiding factor and not the thirst for power and control.


I wholeheartedly believe that Governor Romney desires our nation to regain its independence and freedom for individuals (not as much as I would like but exponentially more than President Obama) while I am convinced that President Obama simply wants to gain as much power as he possibly can. I believe he has no real compassion for the people of our nation but if he can exploit compassion to gain more power he is ready and willing to do so. History gives us plenty of evidence to support this.


Please prayerfully consider who you are going to vote for. This election is of unbelievable significance for the future of our nation.


Thanks so much for reading. Please let me know what you think below…


(Hopefully I will have time to write about the Information and Healthcare issues in the next couple of days but if I don’t I hope the Energy issues are enough to get you to think two or three times who you may be voting for in this election coming up. Plus I am sorry I didn’t go into more details but I don’t have time right now to do so. The time and space it would take to cover so many of the missing details would be too much with only one week before the elections. I am sorry about that).


  • I don’t normally comment but I gotta admit thanks for the post on this one :D.

  • Linda & PussiKatz

    Well put, and factual. More info on oil & gas reserves held by the Federal Government may possible be obtained from the US Department of Interior web site. Much of these reserves are on land under it’s purview. However, whatever the Secretary of Interior would like to do (or not do) he/she is appointed by the President, subject to confirmation by Congress, and must abide by the administration’s policies and promulgate and implement regulations accordingly. Congress’ big ruse is to pass legislation approving something and then not funding it – they get their bonus points for re-election, while oftentimes making decisions in their collective personal interests.

    • admin

      Thanks for your input Linda. I know that you are very savvy when it comes to these things and I appreciate you stopping by and sharing a few thoughts with us. I used to have hundreds of comments on my blog but the comment database became corrupted and I had to delete all of them. When people see that there are no comments they are less likely to leave one. It is nice to start getting a few again. Thanks. The conversation is always fun to have.