Training Video 1

This short video is part of the teaching we do for my son’s soccer team. This way his team can learn from seeing the very best in the world to understand and internalize all of the important points. I have commentary so they can see what I want them to learn from this video. It is short enough that they can go through it over and over again. I am leaving the body of this post in place just as I have it on their website. You can check out the Sierra Nevada United FC website if you like.

I think I am going to start sharing these training videos with my readers here so that they can follow some of the thinking behind our philosophy of playing the beautiful game…just another part of who I am.


Here is the post:

This 30 second video is loaded with great things to learn and be aware of as you are playing…You will have to watch it 10-15 times probably to see all of these things. It is short enough that you can keep going over it to follow the commentary below.

Then…leave a comment and let me know that you understand and actually see what I am talking about.

1. Berbatov overlaps around Nani right at the sideline. Notice how the defender is lost because he is screened off by Nani. Berbatov is freed simply because there is not enough room for the defender to follow. This is a great trick on the sideline that will fool nearly every defender you ever go up against. Nani does a nice job of popping the ball over his head to Berbatov. Also notice how Nani moves to open space toward the corner. This brings a defender with him. So, although he isn’t a part of the play…he takes a defender out of the play.

2. Although Berbatov’s cross is not the greatest…Rooney gets a jump on the defender and moves to the ball first. So…Rooney’s movement and vision is very good. He moves to the ball and controls the ball towards the open space. He creates plenty of space for himself to be able to make a great turn and volley on the ball. His shot is very good but he gave himself the opportunity by getting to the ball first and controlling the ball to space rather than trying to control it to his feet.

3. Giggs is in a great position to follow up. Notice how Fletcher is in a position right in front of the goal and Giggs is back 10 yards or so. They take up different positions waiting for a rebound. Giggs is in space on the far side while Fletcher is marking the keeper in case the keeper fumbles the ball…it would make it an easy score. Gigg’s shot is not the greatest but he is positioned in the perfect place. This puts them in an ideal place for a put back…Rooney, Fletcher and Giggs all inside the box.

4. When the ball comes out again there is the left back (Evra) and another center midfielder, Scholls (Fletcher is the other center midfielder…one center midfielder way up and one hanging back in the space on top of the defense waiting to pick up partially cleared balls) collecting the ball…using each other and then sending it to the wing (Nani) again to start the whole process over once again. Behind Evra and Scholls there would be the two center backs (Vidic and Evans in this case) hovering around in space backing those two up.

5. Nani loses the ball when he tries it again…but I would say it is not his fault. He is expecting someone to move up and fill that space where he puts the ball. Notice how he gets rid of the ball and then starts moving up field. He is expecting a team mate to move into that space and do a one-touch pass back up to him to the corner so he can get a good cross back into the middle with Rooney, Berbatov, Fletcher & Giggs hanging around the box to get the cross and put it into the net. This does not happen but that is the thinking behind it all.

Coach Bruce