Uncertain Economic Future—There may be some answers

How much do the experts know?


I spend a fair amount of time reading about the current nature of the world’s economy and it strikes me as almost humorous that it doesn’t appear as if any of the “experts” really know what is happening or what is coming.


It is in these times that I am grateful to not be one of those “experts” on the economy. The fact is it is much easier for me to admit that the times and signs are very confusing and therefore I am able to say that I really don’t know what is coming around the corner in terms of economic sustainability on a global basis.


As an example of the schizophrenic nature of the experts at the moment here are 2 articles that came to my attention today…both from the same source within the same email. I actually appreciate that fact more than anything else. This gives the feel that the organization isn’t trying to pretend that they know anymore than anyone else but are willing to present many perspectives of the same ideas.


Here are the two links:


David Murrin: Western World Is ‘Finished Financially’


Faber: Economic Crash Looms in China


One of these articles talks of the rising of China and the other talks of the crashing of China. Perhaps in the long run both are true or both are false…I don’t think that matters actually. The fact is that we live in extremely volatile times and it doesn’t appear than anyone really has a pulse on what is coming around the corner.


Are there things we can do even in uncertainty?


I would hope so but those things are not terribly clear. I believe you need to study diligently as much as possible and then make wise choices for you and your family. I certainly don’t have it all figured out. However, if you talk to some folks you will find that Gold is the answer, or Silver, or investing in Brazil, India, Iraq, China, Chile or whatever the case may be.

I have family in India and friends in Brazil and I have been to China and I will tell you that they certainly don’t have it all figured out either. In our economy that is so connected from a global perspective, I think the only people to arise from the chaos are those that make wise choices. Are we confined to our national economies today? Not so much. Can we as individuals rise from the economic uncertainty that looms large today? I believe we can.


It will look different for many people but there are a couple of things that seem more certain than others:


1. Healthcare in one form or another will always be at the heart of any economy. Preventative healthcare will probably arise as the preeminent actor in this play as at least a certain percentage of people will decide that they would rather start moving into the direction of taking more personal responsibility for their own health care and less reliance on organizations and governments to keep them “healthy.” In the not so distant past preventative health care was a luxury but I believe it will soon be a necessity as “quality healthcare” will probably diminish more and more as time marches on.


2. Relationship marketing (in whatever form) is growing as people are moving in the same direction financially as they seem to be in the proactive healthcare. There is a certain percentage of people who want to have more control over their own futures and a sense that very few of us can do it on our own. It takes teams and partnerships and cooperative thinking in terms of helping one another achieve economic success. The era of personal gain on the backs of others is heading south. The current trend is serving each other for economic success. This is not a communal success but a community of individuals who all become successful. It is the combination of care and concern for one another along with the desire to be personally financially successful at the same time.



Anyhow…that is how I currently see it. These aren’t the only two avenues for future financial success but they seem to be large players as the future seems to unfold.


I personally have many plans and foundations laid in these two areas along with some other areas that seem to be opening up. If you want to know more about my personal ideas just let me know.


Please let me know what you think about these things…thanks,


As always…hoping to serve,