Where are the Avengers when you need them?

Our nation is in a national crisis. I am not talking about the economic crisis as almost everyone in the country is fully aware of our abysmal economic climate. I am not talking about the moral climate where cheating and dishonesty are commonly practiced, where sexual perversion is the norm and where the concern for all human life and the protection of the innocent are disregarded simply for the convenience and selfishness of others who have more power. I am not talking about our mentality that allows people to think they deserve a house and a paycheck and food and drink and a car simply because they live here. I am not talking about the perverted view that everyone should be on an economically level plain. I’m not talking about the ignorance of our nation’s history in terms of moral and economic development. I am not talking about our climate where personal responsibility is shunned and gaining status and power and money off of the backs of others is celebrated. I am not talking about the fact that we no longer as a nation acknowledge a God who is involved and concerned in this world.


All of these things are tragic to be sure. Anyone of these things could be considered a crisis of monumental proportions. No, I am talking about the fact that all of these things are completely visible and any reasonable person would agree that these are all massive problems in our nation and yet we continue to walk this road nevertheless.


We have willfully chosen to continue down this path when we clearly had the chance as a nation to make a completely different choice. Tuesday’s election was bigger than simply voting candidates into office it was a foundational choice of which direction we as a nation want to go.


For many years now we have been traveling down the road in the manner in which I stipulate in the first paragraph. For the past 3+ years the speed of our travel has increased significantly. The vices mentioned in the first paragraph are many and varied and dangerous as most people would agree and yet we had a chance to take another turn toward decency and responsibility and heading for a destination that is good and decent on Tuesday and we chose not to. Instead, although people were in agreement about the abhorrent state of our nation, they voted for a side that has not only championed the foundational ideas behind our problems but vows to give us more.


I believe this to be an illness born out of a natural state of choosing to be deceived. I am not sure what people are hoping for in the coming years but any thinking person sees that when a ship is sinking and you put more holes in it then the ship only sinks faster. To believe that by adding bad upon bad and something good is going to come about is insane.


We have become insane as a nation (as a whole). That is the only explanation. Of course if you look at the county by county map of the presidential election (reflected more-so in the house of representatives) you see that we are not all insane. Most of the area of the nation wanted to take a step towards sanity but the densely populated areas for the most part want the insanity to continue.


There are many explanations to this but I will simply say that when deceived people get together with deceived people the consequences are massive in scope. Our major population centers seem to want the vices and debauchery and anything that involves the self-centered desires of sinful man. Of course not everyone is like this but there is enough influence in these areas that these things spread like a cancer.


When people knowingly choose these things we are beyond help. At the moment we have a percentage of the population who are in this category. I believe many others are deceived. Why would we think that someone who consistently lies is trustworthy? Only truly deceived people believe this or choose to overlook these things because they are bribed in one way or another. Any way you slice it, we are in deep trouble.


The red on the county by county map however still gives me just a bit of hope. Can we turn the tide here? Can we raise the blinders of the listeners and show the deception of the deceivers? I don’t know. Is it worth trying? I don’t know. We could be too far gone or this may be our open door to actually and genuinely start to help people actually see truth and reality as it actually is and not as many people see it.


We need the Avengers. We need leadership in our nation. I am not talking about political leadership. I am talking about heroes who will love and teach their neighbors. I am talking about people who will be courageous enough to stand up and speak for goodness, love, mercy and personal responsibility…among many other things that are necessary. We need teachers that will educate our people why the United States of America is the most powerful, the most influential and the most generous nation in history. We are on the verge of losing this but perhaps, just perhaps we have one more shot at it.


I believe the Obama administration will try to change the constitution and how our nation operates. It is just a gut feeling and a personal belief but it is based on sound reasoning. We may not be able to stop that but if there is even just a glint of hope then perhaps we should try.


We need people in their neighborhoods and online and on the streets and in the media and in schools at every level who are not only willing to sacrifice themselves to the cause of rescuing our nation but to be courageous in doing so.


If you saw the Avengers movie then you will know why I titled this article in this fashion. They were forced to come together and fight side by side through differences and personal agendas and whatever was in the way of their unity. Our nation is in such a balance that we may have well seen the last of the greatest nation the earth has ever seen or if we come together we may be able to stem the tide and even turn it. In doing so we could possibly see a country that we are once again proud of and happy to have our children grow up in.


It will take work coupled with patience, kindness, mercy, love and the willingness to put our brothers and sisters above ourselves. After all why would people vote in a government that promises to take care of every need they have in exchange for the destruction of much of what we once held to be dear and true? I believe it is because they feel hopeless and helpless and in their sinful and selfish states cannot see any other way out of their pain and cycles of shame they are caught in. We are taught we are victims and we have no way to care for ourselves. It is one of the greatest deceptions in history and the only antidote is that we allow people to see through the pain and help them to see that there is hope that is worth fighting for (even if small)…there is goodness that is worth sacrificing for…that we have one last chance to resurrect a dying nation that has done more good in this world than all nations combined in history and that it is worth hoping and fighting for.


Our moral strength as a nation has always been tied to our national belief that there is a God who is concerned with not only the affairs of individuals but also of nations. Our common belief that this God has given special mercies and protection to nations that at least honor Him to some degree and promote freedom and the sacred precious gift of life in general has carried us through even consequent generations that have lost much of this foundational belief.


Our economic strength has grown out of the concept that a free people have not only the ability but the responsibility to be creative and change the world for good. We used to believe that making money was good…that creating new products and services was good…that leading the way in new technologies to improve the general state of humanity was good. We used to believe that people ought to be rewarded for such things. We now hold the common misconception that people ought to be punished for success. It is a perfect system? Of course not…but it is the best and most powerful engine for economic good the world has ever seen.


Sane people can see these things as clearly as the sun shines on a bright sunny summer day. People who are deceived and live in a fog can be convinced that the sun is not shining outside when all they personally experience is the inside of a building. We need modern day Avengers, heroes who are willing to lead people by the hand to actually see and experience the beauty of the sun shining on a summery day.


We will be completely and utterly lost without those courageous people. Are you one of them? Are we willing to do this together or should we call it a day and “run for the hills” to let the deceivers and the deceived alike hasten the destruction of the nation we love and desire once again. We have never had a perfect nation by any means (far from it) but we had a good national heart and goodness that was the envy of the world and brought more good to the world than any other nation in history.


Will you take a stand and be one of the modern day Avengers? I would love to hear from you.




  • Moriah

    I agree. We need some modern day Avengers.

  • jeremiah

    We are in a national crisis the time is now we’re the avengers. I am talking about modern day avengers. We are the avengers and the time is now to change the world…and to speak up.

  • Sierra

    “I wish it need not have happened in my time,” said Frodo.
    “So do I,” said Gandalf, “and so do all who live to see such times. But that is not for them to decide. All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given us.”

    JRR Tolkien, The Fellowship Of The Ring

    Couldn’t have said it better

  • Sierra

    “There is some good in this world, and it’s worth fighting for.”
    ― J.R.R. Tolkien, The Two Towers