Will our short-sightedness destroy us?

The US economy almost seems like a beacon of hope in a troubled world at the moment. However, anyone who has looked at it carefully knows that the inevitable (nearly inevitable anyhow) is coming. When we propped up our economy in 2008 and 2009 we began the process of prolonging and intensifying the probable meltdown.

We continue doing the same thing to this day. Europe seems to be crumbling as well as their currency at the moment which seems to make the US and the dollar a fine place to find rest and peace. I don’t see it lasting though and I believe that for every month and year that we prolong our need for a serious correction the harder and deeper and more substantial that correction will be.

At some point our correction will turn into our destruction if we don’t get serious about getting serious. Peter Schiff, Euro Pacific Capital President, simply concludes “we end up with more rope to hang ourselves.”

I hope that I am not the only one out there who sees things this way. I think our willful blindness and short-sightedness will end up being more destructive than most people imagine.

If there is any hope it is only in God Himself as He is bigger than these things. Even in an absolute crash God is able to care for His people and walk through the very difficult times with them.

I believe that our family has been going through character preparation for such hard times and I am grateful for that.

I pray that we change our perspective as a free people in this country and start to make the hard choices. Nevertheless, I know God is trustworthy even if our entire economy comes crashing down around our ankles.